Which medical dictation workflow is best for you?

Medical dictation has changed substantially due to improvements in voice recognition software. When many of today’s physicians began their careers, medical dictation meant having a transcriptionist in the room taking notes in real time. But that more straightforward reality is

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Why is faxing still common in medicine?

Digital technology has transformed healthcare. Patients can message providers and view test results through a patient portal, doctors can use their smartphones to dictate clinical notes, and nearly every hospital or clinic in the United States uses electronic health records.

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Health IT

Make telehealth easier with Mobius Clinic

Since the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift to telehealth, many doctors are calling and videoconferencing with patients. Mobius Clinic has several features that make telehealth easier for physicians and their staff. Telehealth requires new workflows Before the initial COVID-19 spike,

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