Patient Engagement

12 key strategies to improve patient communication

Surveys have consistently shown that patients want better communication with their doctors. But when physicians face a busy workday, patient communication often gets lost in the shuffle.  As a doctor who interacts with patients every day, you are already a

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Can mHealth cure physician burnout?

Medscape’s Physician Compensation Report is widely known as the go-to source for salary information and other factors affecting US doctors’ income. But tucked among the statistics about which specialties feel fairly compensated, you’ll find numbers that also tell a story … Read More

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medical dictation with mobius clinic

What’s the best way to dictate in athenaClinicals?

Speech-to-text dictation is one of the easiest ways to save time on clinical notes. Mobius Clinic is an app in the athenahealth Marketplace that makes it easy to dictate in athenaClinicals. Let’s look at how cloud-based dictation with Mobius can

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