For Provider Profiles, we talk to physicians who use Mobius Clinic every day in their practice. Here’s how one pediatrician uses a digital health app to streamline their clinical workflow.

Provider: Nayarra Dawood, M.D.
Occupation: Pediatrician
Location: San Jose, CA
Practicing: 18 years
Favorite Mobius Clinic feature: Automatic Vitals

How do you currently use Mobius in your practice?

“Right now we use Mobius only for our back office workflow. So once the patient is checked in, we use Mobius to collect vitals from our bluetooth instruments. Then my staff take any pictures that are needed to document the patient’s current condition – for example if they have a rash, or a fungal infection. My staff take the photos and they get to me via Mobius even before I see the patient. Everything – the vitals and the photos – is already on Athena when I enter the room.”

What is your favorite Mobius Clinic feature?

“The automatic vitals collection is very efficient and reduces typing time. Observer error is also eliminated because the measurements are going directly from the instrument to Mobius to Athena. In the past we have had errors with data entry, such as someone putting the decimal in the wrong place. Sometimes these are big problems – but I’m not telling on the staff that did that!

My favorite part is being able to see the patient information update itself in Athena in my pre-set units of measurement, without any typing or effort on my part. It seems like magic to me.”

A video created by Dr. Dawood’s intern shows how Mobius Clinic improved their workflow.

Did your practice change when you started using Mobius?

“Before Mobius, we used a heavy, old fashioned weight machine. Similarly for blood pressure and pulse oximetry, we had multiple bulky machines. Vital signs then had to be manually entered into Athena. This took a lot of time out of each 15-minute patient visit.

Now with Mobius, all the measurements occur in the same exam room and are typically done in less than five minutes. All the machines are synced to Mobius via bluetooth and appear in the app within seconds. They are in the patient’s Athena chart almost immediately.”

What do your staff think about Mobius?

“My current staff had the advantage of Mobius when they came in. They walked into my office and Mobius was already implemented. So they are privileged, they don’t know life without Mobius!

The staff are really excited about taking pictures for the patient record. They are always vying with each other to take the pictures – for them it is fun. I have to remind them not to have too much fun!”

What do your patients think about Mobius?

“I see some patients the day they are born and others are in their early twenties. My oldest patient is currently 24.

The teenagers love Mobius. They get to see the vitals collection happen automatically and that interests them. They usually walk in with their eyes glued to the phone anyway, so this is something really exciting for the bigger kids. They love to see the numbers magically appear.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“I’m happy I got Mobius and I’d recommend that other doctors do the same. It has provided me with an efficient and secure way to take vital signs without typing. It has become a vital part of my staff. Mobius makes it possible for me to take care of my patients with ease.”

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