For Provider Profiles, we talk to physicians who use Mobius Clinic every day in their practice. Here’s how one orthopedic surgeon uses a digital health app to streamline their clinical workflow.

Provider: Mark Casillas, M.D.
Occupation: Orthopedic Surgeon
Location: San Antonio, TX
Practicing: 20+ years
Favorite Mobius Clinic Feature: Mobius Capture

How do you currently use Mobius in your practice?

“My work day with Mobius starts from the very beginning and goes to the very end.

The very first thing I use Mobius for is to establish which patient I am seeing. When I enter the room, the app already knows which patient record should be called up. I can already see their vital signs, which were automatically added to the EHR.

I then use Mobius to capture images. Since I’m an orthopedic surgeon specializing in the lower extremity, alignment is a very big part of what I do. So I like having that documented.

I just tell the patient that I’m taking pictures for their medical record, and then I start taking pictures. I take pictures of them standing, pictures from the side, sometimes I get photos from under their foot. I take a lot of pictures to add to their clinical document.”

What is your favorite Mobius Clinic feature?

“My favorite thing about Mobius is the ability to capture images. I use Capture both in the office as I’m looking at the patient’s alignment or deformity, but also to save images from any PACs system.

Everyone has a different PACS system, so sometimes patients come in with a CD of CT scans from a community hospital and a different set of X-ray films from a radiology practice in town. We used to store all those images on a CD, but then when I would go to operate I’d have to pull up 120 images and find the few that are useful.

Now I just review these images simultaneously while meeting with the patient, and I save the 2 or 3 important ones to their EHR. With Mobius I just click an icon on my desktop, outline a box on the screen, and Capture knows which patient I’m looking at and saves the image in their record for the day. I can quickly reference the most important images that I feel make the case for the patient.”

Did your practice change when you started using Mobius?

“Mobius clinic really has changed the way I think about my own office and my clinic. It allows me to do things quickly and efficiently.

We work in a tough, competitive environment in healthcare, and everything is pulling us in the direction that says, ‘We need to see more patients and spend less time with every patient’. Mobius Clinic is a solution that helps me really defy the economic laws that are pulling me away from patients.”

What do your staff think about Mobius?

“Mobius Clinic has changed our office culture. I like Mobius because it allows me to put documentation and imaging into the electronic record quickly and seamlessly. My staff likes Mobius because their tasks are now organized, they know what I need, and they don’t have to read my mind. They can look at their device and know what is needed for my patients.

With Mobius, the staff also knows what tasks have been completed by other assistants in my office. This workflow creates a sense of fairness because we can easily track who’s doing what. No one wants to the the person who’s pulling all the weight or not doing enough, and everyone knows what tasks need to be done. So we can accomplish things with a sense of teamwork and esprit de corps. This is part of the social fabric of a Mobius clinic.”

What do your patients think about Mobius?

“We produce a lot of value by conveying to patients that this is a practice that has embraced technology to their benefit. They can tell we are maximizing their time, respecting their privacy, and that we care about what they say, about the pictures they want to share with us. Those things build patient trust even if they are hard to quantify.

We operate an innovative and excellent practice and we provide great care and that is part of how I market myself. Mobius is the first thing I think of when I think of innovation.”

Anything else you’d like to add?

“When I talk to other providers, I tell them Mobius Clinic is an app on my phone that allows me to supercharge the electronic health record.

Mobius allows practitioners to really get from their electronic health record what they wanted in the first place. The bottom line is it allows me to spend more time with the patient and be more efficient in the office.”

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