With the latest software update, Mobius Clinic makes mobile medical documentation even easier. Download Version 2.8.3 to access new previous encounter documentation functionality and other improvements.

Populate notes with past documentation

Past documentation – both text and templates – can now be inserted inside Scribe. Follow these simple steps to populate your note with a previous encounter:

  1. Open Scribe and select HPI, ROS or PE
  2. Tap the clock tab on the right
  3. Select a past appointment date

It’s that simple. Mobius Clinic is now the only app that makes previous encounter templates available on your mobile device.

New high-demand features

+ All note fields – including diagnosis assessment, internal notes, order detail, and document detail fields – now expand to show longer blocks of text as you type or dictate.
+ Medications can now be swiped left to mark them as historical from the patient chart menu.
+ Staff log-in status is now reflected instantly in the paging view. It’s easier than ever to know who’s around and ready to help!

Mobius Clinic gets even faster

+ Dictation speed improvements.
+ Paging notification improvements.
+ Minor bug fixes.
+ UI improvements.

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