Mobius Clinic streamlines clinical workflow by turning your mobile device into a remote control for your EMR. As of the latest app update, Mobius supports mobile charge capture for surgeries and procedures. Providers can now use their smartphone or tablet to add CTP and ICD-10 codes with just a few taps.

What is charge capture?

Charge capture is the process health care providers use to record information for medical claim documents. Capturing charges allows doctors to be reimbursed for their services by payers and insurance companies. 

Many physicians still use paper to communicate information to their billing staff – often via scribbled handwriting on a post-it note or the back of another document. The modern alternative is electronic charge capture using a computer or mobile device.

Mobile charge capture

With Mobius Clinic, doctors can use their smartphone or tablet to quickly add claims on the go. Mobile charge capture lets you stop shuttling papers back and forth to your billing staff, so you can get back to treating patients.

The benefits of mobile charge capture with Mobius include:

  • Easy communication
  • Faster reporting
  • No more data entry errors
  • No lost or missed charges
  • Reduced audit risk
  • Access to the entire CPT / ICD-10 library from your mobile device
  • Favorite codes saved for immediate access

Enable charge capture for Mobius

Many mobile charge capture solutions require a separate app with a whole new workflow. Not Mobius. Providers with a Mobius subscription can start capturing charges on the go with three simple steps. 

1) Enable charge capture

Open Mobius Settings and choose “Enable charge capture.”

2) Select a patient

Find the patient in your schedule or search their name.

3) Add a claim

Tap the orange “Add claim” button and enter the procedure information.

Mobile charge capture is just one of many Mobius features that keeps physicians efficient throughout the day. Learn how Mobius Clinic saves clinical teams time at every phase of the patient visit. 

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