Mobius Clinic is the first app to make athenahealth documentation templates available on mobile devices. Mobius providers can use their iPhone or iPad to access templates within the HPI, ROS and PE sections of the athenahealth EMR.

Why use templates?

In the digital era, doctors should be able to use their preferred method of clinical documentation, whether that’s templates, free text, voice, or even paper. Whatever method you use, athenahealth has carefully designed their EMR to keep providers efficient and drive quality care delivery.

Mobius Clinic is the revolutionary, office-proven app that eliminates up to 70% of EMR work on every patient visit. Mobius turns your smartphone into a remote control for the EMR, so you can optimize your workflow and efficiently coordinate your team.

“Documentation template access was one of our most often requested features and we are thrilled to bring this functionality to our athenahealth EMR users,” explains Erin Rokey, co-founder and COO of Mobius MD. Mobius added the feature in June 2018, making athenahealth document templates available from mobile devices for the first time.

“Documentation template access was one of our most often requested features and we are thrilled to bring this functionality to our athenahealth EMR users.”

athenahealth documentation templates in Mobius

In Mobius, users can select discrete findings and add sentence, paragraph, or template-wide notes, just as you would within the anthehealth web interface. Templates are fully accessible within the app from the Documentation interface. Providers can also dictate template notes using Mobius Scribe, the app’s state of the art and medical-grade speech-to-text function.

Templates aren’t appropriate for all providers or encounters. But in many cases they offer the perfect solution for efficient and complete clinical documentation.


Physicians across the country are experiencing more burnout than ever, and inefficient use of EMRs is part of the problem. Time-saving documentation tools are one way to ease the pressure created by bureaucratic tasks like charting and paperwork.

Templates can save hours for physicians documenting very common and repetitive procedures. athenahealth already supports customized and out of the box templates, and Mobius makes those features available with a simple swipe in the app. Providers can also add free text to ensure that the particulars of individual patient stories are properly documented.


Templates help providers guarantee complete and standardized documentation for every clinical encounter. For example, a template can remind physicians or staff about the types of information they need to capture during the visit. This ensures adequate documentation and complete reimbursements.

Discrete data fields

Many practices also implement templates as a way to capture clinical data in discrete fields. This makes it much easier to conduct various kinds of reporting and analysis such as research and quality measures.

Try mobile templates today

Templates in athenaClinicals are now available for Mobius Users. Simply open the Mobius app, navigate to Scribe or Documentation, and toggle between “Text” and “Templates” within any encounter.

Not yet a Mobius user but using templates for HPI, ROS or PE? Get mobile access to your templates with Mobius Clinic! Sign up for a live demo and we’ll get you started with a free 14-day trial.

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