Uploading paper documents to the patient chart can be a painful process. Even with athenhealth’s innovative barcode system, there are so many steps. Find the patient on athenanet, add a new document, create a bar code sticker, print the sticker, scan the document, reconcile the file upload…. You know the drill.

With all these steps, you might feel like your staff are spending more time uploading documents than scheduling patients or taking vitals. What if there were a better way?

With the latest Mobius Clinic update, there is. Mobius MD now makes uploading EHR documents faster with Mobile Document Uploads. With one tap you can now scan any document straight into the EHR.

How to upload EHR documents faster

Mobius Clinic is the revolutionary app that eliminates up to 70 percent of keyboarding and computer distraction from every patient visit. It turns the iPhone in your pocket into a remote control for your EHR.

Here’s how to upload a new document using Mobius Clinic:

  1. Click on a patient profile in the app
  2. Select the + next to “Documents”
  3. Choose whether to use the iPhone’s camera or a connected device
  4. Assign a document title, label and other information
  5. Press “Upload”
  6. You’re done! Find the document in the patient chart within seconds

With its initial release, Document Uploads is compatible with Fujitsu duplex scanners like the ScanSnap iX500. The ScanSnap is a compact, efficient and intuitive scanner that scans both sides of each page simultaneously.

Medical practices that beta tested this feature love the ScanSnap scanner. But don’t underestimate the ability to scan documents directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Scanning documents with your device camera works just like mobile check deposits offered by most banking apps, only better. The Mobius team developed a new automatic perspective de-skewing mechanism that auto-corrects even the sloppiest scans. With Mobius Clinic, you’ll have the smoothest iPhone scanning experience imaginable.

Benefits of Mobius Document Uploads

We know you’ll love Mobile Document Uploads because we’ve beta tested this new feature with practices that use Mobius Clinic. After switching from their prior document upload workflow, these clinics haven’t looked back.

Mobile Document Uploads is simply the easiest way to upload EHR documents faster. At one practice in San Antonio, every department demanded their own ScanSnap scanner so they can use Mobius Clinic for all their document uploads.

Mobile document scanning isn’t just a more efficient way to upload referrals, consent forms, insurance cards or any other type of document. It can also help your practice ensure that patient data stays secure.

For most medical practices, scanning and uploading patient documents happens in stages. This means the process often takes hours or even a full workday. By completing this process within minutes, you can shred a sensitive document immediately after confirming that it arrived safely in the patient chart. This reduces errors and the possibility that protected health data ends up in the wrong place.

Not already a Mobius Clinic user? Visit the athenahealth Marketplace to find out why 100+ practices are giving Mobius MD 5 stars reviews.

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