Mobius MD is a medical workflow company inspired by the geometrically puzzling Möbius strip. What is Mobius and why name an mHealth app after a mathematical object discovered in the 1850s?

What is a Möbius strip?

You have likely encountered at least a few one-sided objects in your daily life. A popular example is the universal symbol for recycling. Imagine walking along one of those iconic green arrows and you’ll notice something strange: the shape only has one surface.

The recycling symbol is an example of a Möbius strip, or any surface with just one continuous side. You can easily make a Möbius by taking a strip of paper, giving it an odd number of half-twists, and then taping the ends back together to form a loop. Take a pencil and draw along one side to see how the line you’re following seems to run on both sides of the loop.

Möbius strips have fascinated mathematicians, environmentalists, artists and engineers since August Möbius first discovered the shape in 1858. His discovery helped spur the development of an entire field called topology, which has led to more than a few important discoveries in science.

Continuous shape, continuous care

Mobius MD was founded to help doctors and their teams streamline their clinical workflow. Running an effective medical practice requires managing information that originates from lots of sources – whether patient narratives, vital signs, diagnostic results or insurance numbers. That information needs to flow seamlessly into a single location: the EMR.

Mobius Clinic was designed as the ‘remote control’ for EMRs. The app integrates time-saving tools with advanced on-the-go medical dictation to eliminate up to 70% of the EMR work on every patient visit. Like a Möbius strip, Mobius Clinic brings seemingly disparate things together on a single platform.

Here are a few examples of how Mobius Clinic helps doctors streamline care from a single interface:

Patient Intake

After a patient is checked in, the app automatically alerts the appropriate team member of which patients are now in the waiting room. All collected vital signs, demographics, and medical history data are instantly sent to the patient chart. When the patient is ready, update their status in the app and the provider immediately knows which exam room to go to next.

During the Exam

Mobius clinic succinctly presents your patient’s full chart on your mobile device exactly when it’s needed. It makes documentation and order entry a breeze, especially with support for templates in ROS, PE and A&P. Creating an order – complete with diagnoses and ICD-10 codes – can be done in under 5 seconds, without disengaging from the patient.

Finishing Documentation

Closing charts has never been easier than with Mobius Scribe, our next-generation medical dictation system. Scribe instantly transcribes your voice directly into the fields on your patient charts, so you can dictate notes from anywhere.

Like a Mobius strip, Mobius Clinic helps providers keep their offices in sync by bringing everything together in one place. The app streamlines how you access the EMR while tracking the “who, what, and where” of patients, staff, and doctors throughout the day. The result is increased efficiency and reduced wait-times for everyone.

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