Healthcare providers are spending more time than ever on documentation and paperwork, leading many down a path of frustration and burnout. Mobius Clinic’s latest feature – the Document Library – offers another medical office workflow improvement by helping physicians save time completing forms.

Repetitive forms waste time

According to the American College of Physicians, doctors spend about two hours on “desk work” for every hour they spend with a patient. While much of this work is EMR data entry, physicians and their staff also spend a lot of time on forms.

While most forms are necessary, every extra minute spent completing a document is time that could be used treating patients. To make matters worse, most fields required on medical forms ask for basic information already stored in the EMR. 

Consider the forms that physicians and their staff might fill out many times in a given day: 

  • HIPPA Authorization Forms
  • Patient Health Questionnaires
  • Pre-Admission Testing Forms
  • Referral Letters
  • Insurance Forms
  • Statements for Disability License Applications
  • …and many more

Imagine your current workflow with these documents: they are printed, completed, scanned and uploaded to the EMR. Patients complete some forms on their own, but others require staff assistance and physicians signatures. Many, like referral letters, require physicians to do the heavy lifting. All forms require repetitive information such as patient name, address, and insurance details.

A better way: Mobius Clinic’s Document Library

In an era of digital health, there’s no reason to waste time printing forms and writing the same information over and over. Mobius Clinic’s latest feature helps physicians save time completing forms by automating half the work.

Document Library makes it easy for doctors and their staff to streamline form completion. Mobius Clinic does this by auto-populating patient information from the EMR while giving providers the option to save steps by going paperless. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Add a new form to Mobius Clinic

Use your iPad or iPhone to upload forms you use often to the Document Library in Mobius Clinic. 

2. Insert fields you want to automate

When you add a new form, easily indicate the location of fields like “Patient Name,” “Most Recent Height” or “Insurance Number.” Mobius now knows to auto-fill this information with the corresponding field from the patient’s EMR.

3. Save time completing forms

Next time you need to complete a form, simply find it in the Document Library. Any information stored in the EMR is already filled out for you. Add remaining information and sign – all on your mobile device – before saving or printing the form with a single tap.  

Benefits of a mobile Document Library

Physicians who have been beta testing this new feature report a few key benefits. Here’s what they love about the Mobius Clinic Document Library:

Staff save time completing forms

Most physicians pass off forms to their staff, who then spend a few minutes walking patients through completing them. Save everyone time by letting Mobius Clinic pre-fill repetitive fields like patient name and demographics. 

Physicians save time waiting on forms

What if you could complete forms in seconds, instead of circling back to sign a form you’ve been waiting for a patient to complete? Faster form completion allows doctors to close tasks quickly and move on to the next thing. 

Doctors have more autonomy

There may be times when you would prefer to review a form with a patient during your consultation. Document Library gives you the flexibility and autonomy to complete forms whenever and wherever. Pull up the form on your iPad or send it to the printer (pre-filled) with just a couple taps.

Dictate letters on the go

Most physicians need to get to a desktop to type referral letters and similar documents. Document Library frees doctors from their workstations, making it easy to complete forms on the go. To write a referral letter, simply open the letter template in Mobius and dictate the customized portion from your mobile device. 

Finally go paperless

Document Library doesn’t require that you go paperless, but it makes it much easier if you want to. Skip all the steps involved with printing and scanning by completing and signing forms on your iPad. Mobius Clinic’s interface is simple and intuitive, and don’t forget that half the information has already been filled in for you.

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