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Mobius Clinic is the revolutionary, office-proven app that eliminates up to 70% of the EMR work on every patient visit. By making your smartphone a medical tool, Mobius gives you a ‘remote control’ for your EMR. Doctors consistently rank Mobius as one of the best athenahealth apps for efficient medical dictation and optimizing their workflow.

Mobius Clinic tops lists for best athenahealth apps

Desktop Scribe makes your mobile device a microphone for instant medical dictation

The athenahealth marketplace features hundreds of third-party apps to help providers run their practice more efficiently. Mobius Clinic is the highest rated app in every category it’s listed for, including:

  • Speech-To-Text
  • Clinical Device Integration
  • Patient Flow

Over 100 practices currently use Mobius to connect to their athenahealth EMR more efficiently. Pulling from user reviews, here are five reasons why doctors consistently give Mobius Clinic five stars.

1. EMR workflow optimization

Doctors need quick and intuitive ways to document patient visits. Mobius Clinic is the fastest way to get information into the athenahealth EMR right from the point of care. Here’s what providers are saying about how Mobius has enhanced their EMR workflow.

2. Seamless medical dictation on the go

Instant speech-to-text medical dictation may be Mobius Clinic’s best time-saving feature. Doctors love being able to dictate clinical notes from their mobile device and have them instantly saved in the EMR. Read below why users consider Mobius the leading mobile solution for medical dictation.

3. An enriched EMR with images

Mobius is one of the only apps that allows doctors to quickly and securely add photos to the patient record. Whether documenting with your iPhone or saving a slide from a PACS, Mobius providers use medical images to enrich the EMR.

4. Time back for you

Providers find that using Mobius Clinic cuts out hours of documentation time each week. In an era of rising physician burnout, it would be hard to overvalue even small efficiency gains. Mobius helps you stop taking charts home and so you can spend time on what matters.

5. Exceptional customer support

We’re a small and dedicated team at Mobius, committed to creating cutting edge solutions that add real value for providers. Users consistently say one of the things they love about Mobius is our exceptional customer support.

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