benefits of mobile devices in healthcare

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly half of U.S. medical practices have temporarily furloughed staff. Over 22 percent have permanently laid off employees. Now more than ever, physicians need tools to manage medical offices with reduced staff.

Mobius Clinic is here to help. Our 5-star mobile app helps physicians using athenaClinicals easily manage all aspects of their medical practice on the go.

Five features for medical offices with reduced staff

Let’s look at five features of Mobius Clinic that are helping medical offices with reduced staff to continue operating during COVID-19.

1. View and edit patient charts from your mobile device

Mobius Clinic is the ‘remote control for your EHR’, designed to eliminate up to 70 percent of keyboarding and computer distraction from every patient visit. The app offers tools for clinicians and administrators at every phase of the patient visit: during intake, during the exam, and during documentation.

The simplest time-saving feature is the ability to securely view and edit patient charts on the go. Clinicians love Mobius’ simple, intuitive interface, which lets them update any section of the chart from their mobile device in just a few taps.

Mobius is the fastest way to review and update Allergies, Medications, Medical Problems, Vaccines, Family History, Social History, Past Medical History, and more. You can also quickly add diagnoses, create orders, and access results documents.

If your practice is short-staffed, you need quick access to the patient chart at all times. Mobius lets you do what you need to do when you need to do it – securely and easily from your smartphone or tablet.

2. The fastest way to schedule appointments

Before COVID-19 you likely had dedicated front desk staff with a streamlined scheduling workflow. But medical offices with reduced staff are getting creative by redistributing tasks and implementing new workflows.

With Mobius Clinic any member of your team can schedule a follow-up appointment from their smartphone in 3 taps, without waiting for a single page to load. Keep your practice full by making it easy for patients to get the care they need.

3. Securely call patients from your smartphone

Mobius partners with Doximity to make it easy for clinicians to call patients from their smartphone. This feature allows anyone from your team to securely call a patient from their personal device, while displaying your office number.

It takes just a few minutes to set up Doximity Dialer through the Mobius app. When you call patients from your smartphone your office line will populate on the receiving end, so you don’t have to sacrifice personal information for convenience.

4. Save time by automating vitals

Mobius connects to physiological monitors to automatically collect vitals at every patient visit. This is just one of several time-saving tools that Mobius providers use to streamline their clinical workflow.

Save time and avoid transcription errors by sending patient vitals directly to the EHR. Mobius connects to monitors that collect blood pressure, temperature, weight, pulse oximetry, and more.

5. Collect digital signatures for all your forms


To keep patients safe during COVID-19, most providers have turned to telehealth. Yet virtual visits require an entirely new workflow, which is especially challenging for medical offices with reduced staff.

Mobius Clinic’s Document Library makes it easy to collect digital signatures for consent forms and securely store everything in athenaClinicals. Now you can get patient signatures for everything from HIPPA Authorization Forms to Patient Health Questionnaires, without ever visiting a printer or fax machine.

Document Library provides a vital function for providers offering virtual visits during the pandemic. But we know from experience that you probably won’t go back to printing and scanning paper forms in the office. Use Mobius Clinic to save time completing forms and cut unnecessary steps out of your daily workflow.

Try Mobius Clinic for free

If your medical office is short-staffed, there’s no better time try Mobius Clinic. Sign up for a live demo to get started with a 14-day free trial.

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