In the mobile era, doctors who use athenaClinicals need an easy way to connect to the EHR from their smartphone or tablet. But while athenahealth’s mobile app is a solid choice, it lacks important features like built-in dictation. Let’s compare athenaOne with Mobius Clinic, a third-party solution that we believe is the best mobile app for athenaClinicals.

Why are providers choosing Mobius Clinic over athenaOne?

Mobius Clinic is the ‘remote control’ for EMRs. The app features everything you need to manage your practice from your mobile device. Through nearly a decade of close work with practicing physicians, Mobius has created a seamless app that athenaNet physicians consistently give 5-stars.

Here are the top three reasons physicians are choosing Mobius Clinic over athenaOne. Alternatively, scroll down for a full feature comparison chart.

1. Built-in medical dictation

Mobius Scribe is the premium dictation solution for physicians who use athenaClinicals. Mobius is HIPAA-compliant and uses the industry’s leading dictation technology to deliver instant, accurate speech-to-text for mobile devices and desktop.

A Mobius subscription gives your entire team unlimited dictation. And while Scribe understands medical terminology out of the box, the software uses voiceprint deep learning via neural networks to become even more accurate over time.

One of the main complaints from physicians using athenaOne is that it lacks built-in dictation. By contrast, providers using Mobius rave about the ability to dictate with incredible accuracy directly into the patient chart.

2. Made for clinicians and staff

Developers designed athenaOne for providers, but not for staff. On the other hand, Mobius Clinic was designed for providers and staff.

Your staff will love the following features of Mobius Clinic, which are not available in athenaOne:

  • Instant document scanning – Scan and upload any document to the EHR in just three taps from your smartphone.
  • Staff paging – Double-tap on a team member’s name to immediately send them a message with your location.
  • Exam room placement – Quickly match a patient to an exam room and link all future actions to that location.
  • Patient intake management – Complete 100% of the intake process without ever touching a computer.
  • Tasks and orders listing for staff – Instantly send orders to the EMR, ready for your staff to work on and complete.
  • Accounts for staff included – One subscription gives your entire team access.

3. A premium user interface

While athenahealth’s mobile app was released in 2019, Mobius Clinic has been developed and refined over nearly a decade. The Mobius team has worked closely with clinicians to create an app that adds real value while being intuitive to use.

The result is a refined user experience comparable to popular consumer apps, but with all the features a medical professional could ask for. This premium interface makes Mobius Clinic the best mobile app for athenaClinicals.

Physicians say Mobius is a “game-changer,” and “so worth the money.” And with a small, committed team, they say “the customer service for this company is phenomenal.” Visit the athenaHealth marketplace to read more user reviews.

Feature comparison: Mobius vs. athenOne mobile apps

Still not sure which mobile EHR app is the right choice for your practice? The chart below compares features available in Mobius Clinic vs. athenaOne.

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