Electronic medical records revolutionized healthcare, but they came with a big catch: typing. After a decade-long transition to EMRs, it’s no wonder doctors are experiencing burnout at higher rates than ever. Most physicians spend over 20 hours a week on documentation and paperwork, which in practice means navigating clunky software systems while typing 30 words per minute. And those who have tried voice recognition software still lack an intuitive medical dictation solution that truly meets their documentation needs. 

Mobius Conveyor changes everything. Conveyor is the high-end, next-generation dictation solution from Mobius MD – simply the fastest, most intuitive, most precise medical dictation product available. It provides unparalleled flexibility and an easy user interface, with all the functionality you could hope for in your dictation software.

The new standard for intuitive medical dictation

Conveyor automatically converts your smartphone into a universal documentation device that transfers your exact words to any EMR system, from any location. It works by turning the smartphone in your pocket into a remote control for any EMR. 

To use Conveyor, simply download the Mobius Conveyor app on your iPhone or iPad, plug the thumb-sized Conveyor USB into any computer, and start speaking. The words you say to your mobile device immediately appear on the computer. Now you can instantly dictate into any EMR or other document anywhere. No software required – it just works.

Built for doctors

The brilliance of Conveyor is that, as a physician, you already have your smartphone with you wherever you go. Conveyor turns your smartphone into a microphone for medical dictation on any computer and into any EMR system with zero setup. 

Mobius Conveyor was built for doctors – especially doctors on the go. Let’s say you’re a busy physician working at a large hospital, or a resident rotating through wards. You’re expected to provide and document care efficiently, but you’re always using different computers and different workstations. Maybe you even switch between EMR systems throughout the day. 

In this scenario, it makes no sense to train and refine your workflow on conventional dictation software, even if doing so would save you hours. What if the workstation you’re at uses a different software? What if permission to access the microphone isn’t enabled? What if you set up great customized shortcuts and templates, but they’re not saved on this device or system?

“Conveyor is the system that finally switched me over to dictation.”

Conveyor is the first dictation product to eliminate all of those problems. No matter where you are, you’ll be dictating in seconds. Mobius Conveyor recognizes your unique voice characteristics and lets you customize shortcuts, templates, and vocabulary. Those settings and preferences travel with you between offices and hospitals, to every computer and every EMR system you use. 

The ultimate in flexibility

If you’ve used Dragon One or other medical dictation software, you’re in for a surprise with Conveyor. Conventional dictation software work well for a specific user and device because you spent valuable time customizing and learning a workflow. But if you’re ever away from your personal computer, it’s back to typing. 

Mobius Conveyor frees you from any single system that might be imposed on you. If you change EMRs, your voice commands, preferences, and macros travel with you. 

Conveyor even lets you dictate patient notes when you’re offline or in the car. Simply record a voice memo in the app, speaking normally. When you’re back to a computer, you can easily insert your recording as text into any EMR or document with just a single tap. 

Medical dictation so intuitive it doesn’t need a manual

Doctors who have always typed their notes have told us, “Conveyor is the system that finally switched me over to dictation.”

Here’s what else we’re hearing from those who have used conventional dictation for years:

“Conveyor untethered me from the computer, it feels completely effortless.”

“It’s more than speech to text. [Conveyor] is so accurate, it’s brain to text.”

Mobius Conveyor is a high-end medical dictation solution designed with an excellent user interface. It’s so intuitive, you won’t need a manual. But if you’re new to mobile dictation or want extra tips to streamline your workflow, that team provides support right within the app. 

Just go to Settings —> Support to view guides and support articles, see step-by-step instructions for connecting to any desktop, and even ask questions using a live chat staffed by the Mobius team. 

If you want to further automate your dictations, you can also see a full list of voice commands that Conveyor understands. For example, use “Scratch That” to delete the most recent phrase, or “New Line” to add a line break. 

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Mobius Conveyor is compliant with all HIPAA regulations and requires no technical involvement from IT departments because it operates entirely outside your EMR software. Like a simple keyboard or mouse, the Conveyor USB is a peripheral device that inputs data without involving other system software.

Try out Mobius Conveyor for free. See how easy and effortless the next generation of documentation can be.

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