Mobius MD is excited to announce Conveyor AI, a new AI medical scribe that can write 80% of a physician’s clinical note in 60 seconds. Say goodbye to after-hours EHR time.

The Cure for ‘Documentitis’

Documentitis | noun

1: Inflammation caused by burdensome documentation requirements imposed by EMRs, billing systems, etc.

Also See: “death by a thousand clicks”

Like many doctors, you may suffer from an affliction so common it’s almost invisible: documentitis. 

You might have documentitis if you:

  • spend too much time typing notes and clicking boxes in the EMR
  • feel exhausted at the end of your workday
  • spend half of your patient time simultaneously on the computer
  • find less joy in practicing medicine than you used to

Mobius MD has been helping physicians treat their documentitis for over a decade. Our 100% US-based, physician-backed team has built mobile telemedicine tools, medical workflow apps, and the leading medical dictation solution that works on any EMR.

Our earlier solutions were good, but generative AI is a new ballgame. If everything that came before treated the symptoms of documentitis, we just found the cure.

Meet Conveyor AI

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” 

Arthur Clarke’s Third Law

Conveyor AI is an iOS app from Mobius MD set to be released in January 2024. Early users have called it “jaw-dropping awesome,” reporting consistently high-quality notes that require minimal edits.

Using Conveyor AI is unbelievably simple: 

  1. See your patient with Conveyor AI listening on your iOS device
  2. Tap “Generate Note” at the end of the encounter
  3. Within 30 seconds, you have a concise, accurate visit note in your chosen format
  4. Make any edits and send the note to your EMR with one tap

If you’re thinking, “It can’t be that simple,” you’re not alone. We can’t believe it either. 

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An AI scribe compatible with any EMR

Conveyor AI is the latest addition to a growing niche of AI medical scribes designed to automate onerous data entry. With solutions like Ambience, DeepScribe, Augmedix, and DAX already on the market, what makes Conveyor AI different? 

A top selling point is that Conveyor AI works on any computer and EMR with no setup.

In 2017, Mobius MD quietly solved a central physician pain point by creating a universal dictation solution called Mobius Conveyor. Conveyor dictation uses a QR scan or USB device to instantly pair your smartphone with any computer – no software installation required. The result is a portable medical dictation software doctors can use anywhere they would type.

Conveyor AI builds on the same technology to bring physicians AI-enabled documentation that works on any Mac or Windows computer and with any EHR/EMR.

Here are the top features that make Conveyor AI worth trying. 

  • Instant & Accurate – Conveyor uses specially trained AI to understand the essential details and context in a clinical setting. The result is an instant and accurate note requiring minimal edits.
  • Customizable Templates –  Conveyor AI can output notes in whatever format you choose, and it’s easy to design custom templates in the app. 
  • Mac & Windows Compatible – Use Conveyor AI on any work or personal computer without installing new software.
  • 24/7 Unlimited Dictation – Subscribers also get Mobius MD’s world-class medical dictation software, which is included in the same app.
  • HIPAA-Compliant – Built-in security features exceed HIPAA requirements, so you know patient data is always safe.

The end of ‘EHR pajama time’

As a sobering study published in the Annals of Family Medicine revealed, most family physicians spend 86 minutes in the EHR after work hours. Most doctor’s won’t be shocked that EHR pajama time is common; it’s a known side effect of documentitis.

Conveyor AI is here to help. Physicians and PAs already using the tool report that it eliminates over 80% of documentation time compared to manual charting. For a provider who sees 15 patients daily and spends 12 minutes documenting each encounter, Conveyor AI could save 12 hours per week.

What would you do with 12 hours a week? Leave the office on time? Spend more time with your family? See more patients? Increase your income? Finally learn to play the ukulele?

Let’s find out together. Join the waitlist to get early access to Conveyor AI and say goodbye to documentitis.

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