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The doctor is typing; would dictation be faster?

Typing vs. Dictation – Which is faster?

Many providers are looking for ways to save time and speed up charting. If you type clinical notes but are considering switching to medical dictation, you’re probably wondering, “Which is faster?” We did the math to help you decide between … Read More

The Best Dictation Software for Doctors Who Use Macs

Many physicians use speech-to-text medical dictation software to save time on clinical notes. If you’re a doctor who uses a Mac, you likely value a clean, simple, functional aesthetic. You need an easy-to-use dictation software that understands medical terminology and … Read More

How to optimize your EHR workflow

How to optimize your EHR workflow

Your clinical workflow is the lifeblood of your medical practice. Yet, bringing on a new EHR software often decreases clinical efficiency and provider satisfaction. It’s essential to regularly assess and optimize your EHR workflow to ensure you’re providing the highest-quality … Read More

Complete clinical notes on time with these 6 workflow hacks

You’re not alone if you struggle to complete clinical notes on time. Most physicians spend over 10 hours per week on bureaucratic tasks, which compete for valuable time with patients. For many, the result is after-work EHR time, frustration, and … Read More

Skip the EMR Tie-In: Benefits of EMR-Independent Documentation Tools

Suppose your hospital or clinic is considering adopting a new clinical documentation solution. You might not think to ask an important question: Should the new software be integrated into the EMR or EMR-independent? The electronic medical record (EMR) system is … Read More

Are doctors spending less time with patients?

Patient visits are changing amid new trends and challenges in healthcare. In the past decade, nearly every physician switched to electronic health records. Digital documentation has led to new workflows that affect the patient encounter. The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in … Read More

Medical transcriptionist typing

Medical transcription: a brief history

Medical transcription has a long history and is still evolving with new technology like generative AI. Understanding this history can help current healthcare providers reflect on their purpose and process for documenting care in the 21st century.  History of medical … Read More

Manage your EHR inbox more effectively with these tips

Physicians are overwhelmed by administrative tasks that take the joy out of practicing medicine. We hear tips for streamlining clinical documentation, but what about the EHR inbox? One recent study of EHR use found that primary care doctors in a … Read More

Doctors using AI medical scribes for clinical documentation are freed to focus entirely on patients

Do AI medical scribes work?

Clinical documentation has become a significant source of professional dissatisfaction for doctors, who spend hours in the EHR daily. In addition, entering data during visits makes it harder for physicians to communicate empathetically with patients. Could AI medical scribes alleviate … Read More

The best medical dictation app for iPhone

Smartphones make it possible to use medical dictation in simple and portable ways that were unimaginable a decade ago. To dictate clinical notes, you no longer need to be confined to hospital workstations equipped with a dictaphone. Instead, go to … Read More