Mobile Data

How will 5G impact healthcare?

You’ve probably heard some buzz about 5G, the next generation of cellular network technology. But what exactly is 5G and how will it impact healthcare? 5G: the basics The G in 5g means it’s a new generation of wireless technology. … Read MoreRead More

How to understand your healthcare organization’s mobile device policies

Mobile devices are changing healthcare as more employees use their smartphones and tablets for work. Physicians and nurses are using their devices to check email, receive lab results, message with their team, and even add notes to the EHR. If … Read More

Diagnosing slow Wi-Fi in your medical practice office

Wireless internet is a great fit for healthcare. With a well-configured Wi-Fi network, providers can stay connected as they move from room to room between smartphones, tablets and laptops. This freedom of movement is a huge benefit and is helping … Read More

Dictation & Security: The recent hack harrowing hospitals across the United States

A second wave of cyberattacks has reached US hospitals and companies like Nuance Communication that provide vital services to the healthcare industry. … Read More

Automating dictation in healthcare

In May 2014, Stephen Hanson, PA-C wrote a blog post for Physicians Practice about the pros and cons of speech recognition and EHRs. After discussing how medical grade dictation affects the ease, accuracy and confidentiality of EHRs, Hanson concludes that … Read MoreRead More