Patient Engagement

Are doctors spending less time with patients?

Patient visits are changing amid new trends and challenges in healthcare. In the past decade, nearly every physician switched to electronic health records. Digital documentation has led to new workflows that affect the patient encounter. The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in … Read More

Doctors using AI medical scribes for clinical documentation are freed to focus entirely on patients

Do AI medical scribes work?

Clinical documentation has become a significant source of professional dissatisfaction for doctors, who spend hours in the EHR daily. In addition, entering data during visits makes it harder for physicians to communicate empathetically with patients. Could AI medical scribes alleviate … Read More

How do patients feel about AI in healthcare?

Providers should prepare to field patient concerns as healthcare systems increasingly integrate artificial intelligence. Knowing how patients feel about AI in healthcare can help clinicians engage more thoughtfully with this technology in clinical practice. How is artificial intelligence being used … Read More

Ten ways to reduce patient wait times

Few things frustrate patients more than waiting for a long time to see their medical provider. But it’s actually good news for physicians that delays are one of the main variables impacting patient satisfaction. One of the easiest ways to … Read More

Doctors: patient wait times are a bigger problem than you think

Patient wait times are a growing problem in healthcare, but most physicians underestimate the problem. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of doctors believe wait times have “no impact” or “minimal impact” on their ability to retain patients, according to a survey from … Read More

Benefits of house calls for patients and providers

House calls were nearly obsolete by the end of the 20th century. But in recent years, they are making a comeback. Physicians revisiting this model report a few key benefits of house calls for patients and providers. 5 Benefits of … Read More

3 benefits of digital technology in healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic ushered in the adoption of digital technology in healthcare, especially telehealth. But much of that technology was being gradually implemented and continues to be relevant even when in-person care is possible. From AI chatbots to apps that … Read More

A remedy for smartphone distraction in healthcare

When smartphones first became ubiquitous, observers raised concerns: “How can we avoid the risks of smartphone distraction in healthcare?” There were serious discussions about distracted doctoring, and many hospitals adopted mobile device policies. Texting from the operating room even led … Read More

12 key strategies to improve patient communication

Surveys have consistently shown that patients want better communication with their doctors. But when physicians face a busy workday, patient communication often gets lost in the shuffle.  As a doctor who interacts with patients every day, you are already a … Read More

9 Tips and Tricks to Streamline Your Patient Visit Workflow

Clinics and departments with high morale foster a culture of continuous improvement. Your employees want opportunities to improve, and even small changes to the patient visit workflow can eliminate unnecessary tasks and headaches for busy staff. In turn, workflow improvements … Read More