Strategies for practicing at the top of your license

“Practicing at the top of your license” is a catchphrase that refers to healthcare workers operating at their highest level of education, training, and competencies. The most common example is medical practices supplementing physicians with nurse practitioners and physician assistants … Read More

Telehealth billing during COVID-19

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently changed telehealth billing during COVID-19. CMS also waived certain telehealth rules with the goal of expanding patient access to healthcare while remaining at home. Telehealth billing during COVID-19 As a physician … Read More

What determines prescription drug prices?

Last week we explained why Americans spend more on prescription drugs when compared to other high-income countries. The takeaway? It’s all about price. Research comparing drug prices across countries is a complicated and imperfect process, in part because US drug … Read More

Why do Americans pay more for prescription drugs?

The US spends more than other countries on healthcare, and pharmaceutical prices are a major reason. Headlines lamenting high drug prices have become ubiquitous. In January, a group of large hospital systems responded with the announcement that they are creating … Read More