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Logos of the top medical practice software tools in 2024

Beyond the EMR: Top medical practice software tools in 2024

You’ve found the best EMR for your specialty and streamlined your documentation workflow. However, managing a successful medical practice in 2024 will require lots of work beyond the EMR. You must maintain an online presence, manage scheduling, and securely communicate … Read More

Secure memos help doctors dictate clinical notes from anywhere

Do you ever wish you could use your medical dictation software on any computer and with any EHR? Mobius Conveyor is an iPhone app that makes universal dictation possible. You can even use Secure Memos to dictate clinical notes away … Read More

How to improve your telehealth workflow

Most providers have now used telehealth, but new technology requires new workflows. As you integrate telehealth visits into your office routines, set aside time to improve your telehealth workflow. Planning for telehealth If your medical practice continued operating during the … Read More

Benefits of house calls for patients and providers

House calls were nearly obsolete by the end of the 20th century. But in recent years, they are making a comeback. Physicians revisiting this model report a few key benefits of house calls for patients and providers. 5 Benefits of … Read More

7 vacation tips for physicians

One of the best ways to avoid burnout is to take a proper vacation at least once a year. But as a busy physician, sometimes taking time off can feel harder than work. These physician vacation tips will help you … Read More

7 ways to easily document house call visits on the go

Physician house calls are making a comeback. As more providers visit patients in their homes, doctors need an easy way to document house call visits on the go. The following tips will help whether you’re a full-time house call physician … Read More

Benefits of a mobile EMR during the pandemic

As smartphones become nearly essential for daily life, more doctors are realizing that their mobile device is also a valuable clinical tool. This has never been more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic when flexibility and efficiency are at a … Read More

How to make telehealth accessible for all patients

Virtual care and remote monitoring have been critical assets for the initial healthcare response to COVID-19. But as medical practices reopen, it’s important to develop long-term telehealth strategies for continuing to operate during a pandemic. One important consideration is how … Read More

How to store patient images during a telemedicine visit

Mobius Capture is an app that makes it easy for doctors to add images to the electronic medical record in just a couple clicks. As more providers move to virtual care, Mobius makes it easy for physicians to store patient … Read More

Telehealth during COVID-19: How to choose a platform

The coronavirus pandemic has made virtual care more important than ever. But as a physician new to video conferencing, how should you choose a telehealth platform during COVID-19? Let’s look at the recent changes to telehealth regulation and reimbursement that … Read More