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Medical transcriptionist typing

Medical transcription: a brief history

Medical transcription has a long history and is still evolving with new technology like generative AI. Understanding this history can help current healthcare providers reflect on their purpose and process for documenting care in the 21st century.  History of medical … Read More

Logos of the top medical practice software tools in 2024

Beyond the EMR: Top medical practice software tools in 2024

You’ve found the best EMR for your specialty and streamlined your documentation workflow. However, managing a successful medical practice in 2024 will require lots of work beyond the EMR. You must maintain an online presence, manage scheduling, and securely communicate … Read More

Doctor talking to a patient while ambient clinical intelligence documents the visit

Will ambient clinical intelligence solve healthcare’s documentation problem? 

Nobody went to medical school so they could spend hours a day entering data into an EHR. However, surveys show that many doctors spend over 15 hours weekly on paperwork and administration. Could ambient clinical intelligence be the solution? If … Read More

What is Documentitis?

Documentitis is an inflammation affecting healthcare providers who spend too much time on the computer to meet burdensome documentation requirements.  If you’re a doctor or healthcare professional who spends over half of your work day on the computer, or if … Read More

Speed up your medical dictation with this simple tip

Medical dictation can shave off hours of documentation time each week if you have the correct workflow. However, developing a system that allows you to get your notes done before leaving the office takes time and practice. What tips can … Read More

Mobius MD announces Conveyor AI medical scribe

Mobius MD is excited to announce Conveyor AI, a new AI medical scribe that can write 80% of a physician’s clinical note in 60 seconds. Say goodbye to after-hours EHR time. The Cure for ‘Documentitis’ Documentitis | noun 1: Inflammation … Read More

APIs in Healthcare: A Guide for Physicians

An application programming interface (API) is a set of standards that govern how software applications talk to each other. APIs are increasingly important in healthcare data exchange, whether for data analytics, medical research, or creating innovative ways to access the … Read More

Secure memos help doctors dictate clinical notes from anywhere

Do you ever wish you could use your medical dictation software on any computer and with any EHR? Mobius Conveyor is an iPhone app that makes universal dictation possible. You can even use Secure Memos to dictate clinical notes away … Read More

4 reasons to upgrade from Dragon to Mobius

Physicians realize how easy-to-use mobile dictation apps like Dragon Medical One and Mobius Conveyor can streamline clinical documentation. Doctors can use a smartphone and the latest speech-to-text medical dictation software to reduce charting time by hours each week. Dragon has … Read More

Medical Speech Recognition Software – Everything You Need to Know

This article covers everything you need to know about medical speech recognition software. We’ll tell you what it is, how it works, and what to look for when choosing a medical dictation solution. What is speech recognition software? Speech recognition … Read More