Conveyor AI

Conveyor AI

The Cure for Documentitis

Conveyor AI completes 80% of your EMR notes,
simply by listening.


Made specifically for medicine, Conveyor AI exceeds the standards specified by HIPAA and HITECH.

Mac & Windows Compatible

Do you use a Windows machine at the clinic and a Mac at home? Conveyor AI works with both seamlessly.

Instant & Accurate Results

Usually within 60 seconds, Conveyor AI will produce highly-accurate clinical documentation, customized to your specifications.

Includes Dictation

Dictate as much as you need.
You can either dictate directly into your EMR or into our Memos feature for transfer to your computer later.

Here's how it works:

See your patient

With Conveyor AI enabled on your iOS device, tap “Start Encounter.” You can conduct your exam without worrying about taking notes or updating the EMR.

be in the moment

Conclude the visit

After completing your encounter, tap the “Generate” button in the Conveyor AI app. In under a minute, you’ll have a fully-customized write-up of your encounter. No typing necessary!

Do you need specific sections or formatting in your notes? Conveyor AI offers customizable templates so that we generate exactly the information you need.

Close your charts 80% faster

Conveyor AI types your completed note directly into the patient’s chart in your EMR. 

Need to add anything? Conveyor AI offers best-in-class medical dictation so that you can dictate wherever you want and whenever you need.

Conveyor AI is the cure for "Documentitis"

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1. Inflammation caused by burdensome documentation requirements imposed by EMRs, billing systems, etc.

Also See: "death by a thousand clicks"

Say goodbye to Documentitis.

We would love to show you how Conveyor AI could work at your office.

Common Questions

Can I customize the generated notes?

Yes, Conveyor AI is preloaded with a standard SOAP note template that you can customize. You can add new sections, custom text (such as signatures or disclaimers), and designate formatting preferences as well.

How does this work?

Our proprietary technology features highly-trained and vetted deep-learning models for clinical documentation. Conveyor AI is specifically designed for healthcare and is fully HIPAA-compliant.

Do you offer free trials?

Yes! We believe you should have the option to try it before you buy it. Additionally, we provide one-on-one onboarding sessions to make the process as efficient as possible.

How accurate is the dictation?

The dictation feature is trained specifically for medicine. It will spell even the most complex medical terminology correctly. You can also create custom macros, templates, and vocabulary. 

Can I download the app on an Android device?

No, you must have an iOS device (any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) running iOS 15 or later to download the app.

Will it work with my EMR or on my Mac?

Conveyor AI is compatible with every EMR and any computer! If you have a good internet connection (via WiFi, cellular, or ethernet), you can instantly send your notes to your EMR.

Conveyor AI

Speed up your documentation by 80% or more

The Cure for Documentitis™

Conveyor AI