Mobius Clinic

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Automate your workflow with modern charting tools on your favorite mobile device. Mobius Clinic™ is the revolutionary, office-proven app that eliminates up to 70% of the EMR work on every patient visit.

Our next-generation medical dictation system called “Scribe” instantly places your words into Athena without mistakes or omissions – from anywhere at any time! Altogether, Mobius reduces liability, increases insurance approval rates, and enables more stress-free interaction between providers and patients. Now you can input twice the data in half the time.

How Mobius Clinic Is Used Throughout the Day

Mobius impacts each and every phase of the patient visit. We offer tools for clinicians, administrators, and medical assistants alike.

Patient Intake

Once a patient is checked in, let Mobius completely streamline your intake process.

After check-in, Mobius automatically alerts the appropriate team members which patients are now in the waiting room, ready to be taken to an exam room. With one tap, place the patient in an exam room and update their location in your EMR. All collected vital signs, demographics, and medical history data – allergies, medications, etc. – are instantly sent to the patient chart. When you’re ready, update the patient status and the provider will immediately know which patients are ready, and which exam room to go to next.

Add/Update Profile Image

Simply tap on a patient's profile avatar to take a photo for their chart.

Assign Exam Room

Quickly match a patient to an exam room and link all future actions to that location.

Set Status

Update the patient status from your mobile device and understand the state of your clinic in a single glance.

Update Chart

Review and update Allergies, Medications, Medical Problems, Vaccines, Family History, Social History, Surgical History Past Medical History, and more.

Collect Vitals

Data collected by physiological monitors instantly appear in the patient’s electronic chart including blood pressure, temperature, weight, pulse oximetry, & much more.

Review Last Visit

See a quick summary of the patient's last visit complete with Chief Complaint, HPI, ROS, PE, A&P, Diagnoses, Orders, and Images.

Update Contact Info

Confirm and update the patient's email address, mobile phone number and home phone number, preferred pharmacy, and more.

Check Quality Measures

Review CMS Quality Measures for each patient, and see which need immediate attention quickly.

During the Exam

Mobius gives providers more face time with their patients.

Mobius Clinic succinctly presents your patient’s full chart on your mobile device, exactly when it’s needed, and offers best-in-class tools to help you collect incredibly comprehensive documentation for each and every visit.

Documentation and order entry are now a breeze, especially with our new support for templates in ROS, PE, & A&P. For example, creating an order – complete with diagnoses and ICD-10 codes – can be done in under 5 seconds, without disengaging from the patient. And as soon as an order is created, the appropriate staff are alerted and they can immediately begin working – and you haven’t even left the exam room.

Review Complete History

From each patient's timeline, you can quickly access a summary of every past visit and case note. See how past visits relate to surgery dates, follow-ups, and more.

Add Diagnoses

Select an existing or favorited diagnoses or search for a new one. Also, you can quickly add ICD codes.

Create Orders

Send orders to your EMR, ready for your staff to work on and complete.

Page Staff

Double tapping on a team member's name immediately sends them a message with your location.

Take Photos for Documentation

Safely capture photos within the app, and know that the images are only stored in your EMR, never in your personal photo roll.

Access Results & Documents

Documents are accessible directly from the patient's appointment screen. Review lab results, imaging results, insurance documents, and more...

Capture Imaging From Any PACs

Save images from any PACS directly to the patient's chart, and easily review or share them with the patient.

Dictate Notes

Next-Generation Speech-to-Text is optimized for medical terminology. Additionally, it learns voice patterns for unparalleled accuracy.

Schedule Appointments

Scheduling a follow-up appointment can be completed in 3 taps without waiting for a single page to load.

Send Custom Literature

Easily send secure literature to your patients about their conditions. Customize your own links, attachments, and product recommendations.

Mobius keeps your whole office in sync by tracking the “who, what, and where” of patients, staff, and doctors throughout the day. Your mobile device shows you what tasks are pending, to whom they’re assigned, where they’re scheduled, and when they’re complete. The result is increased staff efficiency and reduced wait-times for everyone.

Finish documentation faster

Forget typing for hours or waiting for transcriptions to be returned to you overnight. Scribe uses state-of-the-art deep learning technologies to quickly transcribe your voice directly into the fields of your patient charts.


Mobius Scribe is a constantly up-to-date system that is designed and tailored for the intricacies of medical speech. Complex syndrome names or anatomical sites are a breeze for it to spell out for you.

Mobile First

Mobius Scribe doesn't constrain you to your medical clinic or desktop computer. Scribe runs on your existing mobile device and offers always-available dictation from anywhere, at any time.

Our Providers' Favorite Features

Superior ‘Scribe’ Dictation

Next-Generation Speech-to-Text learns voice patterns.

Task Management

Syncs orders and tasks, office-wide, with one tap.

Dynamic Charting

With instant photo capture and PACS integration.

Saves Hours Per Week

On average, our users save 4 hours/week on clerical tasks.

Automatic Vitals

Collect a complete set of vitals in 45 seconds.

Patient Literature

Easily and automatically send your patients educational materials.

Happier Patients

Patients love the increased one-on-one time with their provider.

And Much More...

Including Meaningful Use Checks, mobile access to results and more.

See how doctors use Mobius Clinic every day in this 2-minute video.

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