Conveyor USB

The Conveyor USB device connects any computer to the Mobius Conveyor app.

After plugging it into a USB port on any computer, your dictations are typed
wherever a cursor is placed.  No software installation necessary!

Conveyor USB devices are linked to a single user account and establish an encrypted connection to your mobile device with just one button press.

Use a single Conveyor USB device with an unlimited number of computers.


Please note: The Mobius Conveyor USB is an accessory device that eliminates the need for the Conveyor QR software, but it still requires a Mobius Conveyor Plus monthly subscription to dictate.


Free Shipping

Free shipping with USPS anywhere within the USA.

Free 30-Day Returns

Return a device, no questions asked, within 30-days.

Adaptor Included

An adaptor is included for easy dictation to computers with USB-C ports.