Physicians are more mobile than ever in our modern healthcare environment. But as a clinician, the technology you use for documentation may not be designed for the realities of your workday. That’s why Mobius has created Conveyor: the new Medical Keyboard built for doctors on the go.

It’s a matter of time

As a physician, time is your biggest asset. But most doctors spend over 20 hours a week on documentation and paperwork, in part because documentation in the era of EHRs means typing. 

Many clinicians have turned to automated medical dictation as one way to chip away at these 20 hours of weekly documentation. This is a smart choice. Unless you’re typing 120 words per minute – which you are not – dictation is faster than typing. Automated medical dictation has also improved a lot in the last decade. Modern voice recognition software understands medical terminology out of the box and can instantly transcribe your dictations with incredible accuracy. 

It’s only a matter of time until dictation becomes the preferred medical keyboard. But physicians have been slow to adopt this technology because, until recently, mobility has been a big barrier to dictating clinical notes consistently and efficiently. 

The challenges with mobile dictation

Most physicians find themselves at many different computers on any given workday, which can restrict their access to solutions they rely on. For example, you may switch operating systems (PC to Mac) or EHRs from one computer to another. Dictaphones may be locked to specific computers, or the workstation you’re using may not have updated software. Or maybe not having access to your regular dictation software – which knows your voice, personal vocabulary, and custom macros – just slows down your workflow.

What if you had a dictation solution that traveled with you? What if you could dictate medical notes and have an accurate transcription instantly appear on whatever computer you are using? What if that solution were HIPAA-compliant and took about 10 seconds to set up on any new device?

Meet the Conveyor USB: your new Medical Keyboard

Conveyor is a new universally-compatible dictation system for doctors on the go. From clinic to clinic, hospital to hospital, whether in the car or at home, Conveyor travels with you. No matter which computer you find yourself in front of, now you can dictate with your personal vocabulary, custom macros, and AI-trained voice recognition. 

So how does it work?

The amazing thing about Conveyor is that it instantly creates a secure connection between your iOS device and the desktop or laptop you want to dictate on. You don’t need to download or install any software. 

Once you have Conveyor on your iPhone or iPad, simply plug a thumb-sized USB into the computer you want to dictate on. With Conveyor in live dictation mode, the words you speak into your mobile device will appear wherever your cursor is placed. Anywhere you would usually type, now you can dictate. 

Providers love using Conveyor for clinical documentation, but you can also use it for everything else. Once you’ve kicked the typing habit, you can dictate messages to patients, Word documents, or even e-mails. Conveyor is your new Medical Keyboard. 

A unique dictation solution

These are the top features that make Conveyor an entirely new dictation solution: 

  • No software: Just plug in the USB and start speaking. Conveyor sends your words to wherever the cursor is placed. 
  • Universal: Conveyor works on PC, Mac, and any other operating system. 
  • Mobile: When you change computers, your custom vocabulary, text macros, and AI-trained voice recognition software travel with you. 
  • Safe: Using Conveyor minimizes the use of handheld microphones that are not cleaned between users. And the housing of the Conveyor USB device contains a silver-based additive that inhibits microbial growth. 
  • Secure: Conveyor USB devices are linked to a single user account and establish an encrypted connection to the provider’s mobile devices with just one button press.
  • Much more: Secure dictation memos, text macros, specialty-specific dictations…. Learn about the additional features that make Conveyor physicians’ favorite dictation solution.

See for yourself

Conveyor is the new Medical Keyboard that allows physicians to dictate anywhere. The Conveyor USB ($199.99 per device) comes with a USB-A to USB-C adaptor that allows you to plug into newer and older Mac laptops. 

Learn more about Conveyor or get started today with a 7-day free trial. 

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