Mobius Conveyor is a premium medical dictation software compatible with any computer. It works by turning the iPhone in your pocket into a universal documentation device, so you can instantly dictate into any EMR. But as you get started with Mobius, you may be wondering: “Should I use the Conveyor software or Conveyor USB?”

Conveyor software or Conveyor USB

Because Conveyor lives on your smartphone, it travels with you wherever you go. This gives you the unique advantage of always having a dictation solution that knows your voice, vocabulary, and custom macros. Whether you’re on a personal laptop or a workstation at the hospital, you can dictate the way you always do. 

When deciding whether to use the Conveyor software or Conveyor USB, the only question is pairing. In both cases, Conveyor operates like an external medical keyboard: it plugs into your computer and works in the EMR or any other software. Just place your cursor, dictate into Conveyor on your smartphone, and your words appear on the screen of the computer you’re paired with. This makes Conveyor uniquely convenient and secure. 

So how do you decide if you should use the Conveyor software or Conveyor USB?

If you’re just getting started with a free trial, you will use Mobius Conveyor QR. This is the companion software that links your iOS device with your computer. Just download Mobius Conveyor QR to any MacOS or Windows computer and follow the instructions. With the Conveyor app on your iPhone, it will just take a few seconds to scan the QR code and pair Conveyor to your computer. 

This software option – Mobius Conveyor QR – is easy to set up. Conveyor will remember your computer, so it’s a great option if you’ll only be using one computer. 

But if you don’t want to bother with software, or if you switch computers throughout the workday, consider getting a Conveyor USB.  The Conveyor USB device connects any computer to the Mobius Conveyor app. It provides three unique advantages. 

Advantages of Conveyor USB

1. The ultimate in portability

Many physicians find themselves at several different computers on any given workday. To complicate matters further, you may switch operating systems too (using a Mac at home and a PC at work). Conveyor is the dictation solution that travels with you, and the Conveyor USB makes it easy to switch computers. 

Carry the thumb-sized device on your keychain or lanyard and plug it into the USB port on the computer you’re using. Your Conveyor USB device is linked to a single user account and establish an encrypted connection to your mobile device with just one button press. Place your cursor, and start dictating. 

2. Software restraints are no problem

Many hospital and other institutions require an administrator password to install new software. The Mobius Conveyor USB doesn’t require software, so it’s compatible with any computer regardless of software restraints. Think of it as a mobile keyboard that allows you to dictate wherever you plug it in. 

3. Works in virtual environments / VPNs

Virtual environments pose a unique challenge in that the keystrokes on your computer have to be accepted by the remote computer which is running elsewhere. One option is to install Conveyor QR on that remote desktop, but oftentimes that is not possible due to security settings on the remote desktop. The Mobius Conveyor USB is a way to guarantee compatibility with remote desktops. It provides a secure way to allow remote machines to receive your dictations.

Consider your workflow

The Conveyor USB device gives you an extra level of flexibility to quickly dictate on any computer you find yourself in front of. But if you always use the same computer, that may not be necessary. 

What’s important is that you find a medical dictation workflow that works for you. As speech-to-text software has become more accurate and convenient than ever, more doctors are choosing automated dictation. As one provider put it:

“I would bet there isn’t one doctor who has used a dictation system like Dragon or Mobius and then stopped using it and returned to typing text as the modality for communicating. There’s a reason no-one returns to typing from dictation, and that’s because speaking is natural – it’s human.”

John Williams, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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