At Mobius, we are always looking for opportunities to improve your medical office workflow. Our latest innovation is Mobius Conveyor, an app that turns your mobile device into a microphone for instant medical dictation into any software on your Windows or Mac computer.

Here’s how it works.

Mobius Conveyor makes your mobile device a microphone that can dictate directly into any software on any computer. For example, you can use Conveyor to dictate into a Microsoft Word document or directly into an email. We think you’ll especially enjoy dictating directly into your EMR’s desktop web interface.

The concept is simple: speak into your smartphone or tablet, and the words appear on your laptop or desktop computer. Just pair the devices, place your cursor where you want to dictate, and begin. You can think of Conveyor as the modern medical keyboard designed for doctors who value accuracy, efficiency, and mobility.

You can use Conveyor with a monthly Conveyor Plus subscription that provides unlimited dictation on all your devices. Continue reading to learn how to set up instant medical dictation in a few simple steps.

Download and enable Mobius Conveyor

Follow these instructions to set up Mobius Conveyor in minutes.

  1. Download Mobius Conveyor on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Install Mobius Conveyor QR on your Mac or Windows computer. (This is the companion software that links your iOS device with your computer.)
  3. Open the app on your mobile device and follow the instructions. Once you create an account you will scan the desktop QR code to pair your device. Then you’re ready to start. 

If you want to skip step #2 above, you can purchase a Conveyor USB and skip downloading more software. Learn more about using Conveyor software vs. the Conveyor USB device.

Instant medical dictation on any desktop in 3 simple steps

Simplicity is a guiding principle behind everything we design at Mobius MD. So it’s no surprise that Conveyor is the most intuitive medical dictation app available. It fits seamlessly into your existing workflow with no extra wires and no new devices.

After installing Conveyor, you can now dictate into any software with three simple steps.

1) Make sure you’re paired

With the Conveyor app open on your iPhone or iPad, confirm your computer and mobile device are paired. The app background will be green and you’ll see “Connected to (your computer).”

2) Place your cursor

On your desktop or laptop computer, place the cursor where you’d like to dictate.

3) Tap the microphone

Tap the microphone on your mobile device and begin dictating. Your words appear on the paired computer.

The same premium dictation service

Conveyor is one of the newest apps for instant medical dictation, but it emerged from years of careful development by a leading medical workflow company. For nearly a decade Mobius MD has been working closely with practicing physicians to design technology that helps them get what they want from their EMR. 

Powered by nVoq’s HIPAA-compliant speech recognition technology, Mobius Conveyor understands medical terminology out of the box. And it’s the only medical dictation software for doctors who use Macs. 

Hear what doctors are saying and learn more about what makes Conveyor stand out from competitors.

Get started with a 7-day free trial by downloading Conveyor on the App Store.

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