Mobius Conveyor is the world’s most flexible medical dictation software. Conveyor turns your iPhone or iPad into a universally-compatible dictation system that works on any Mac or PC. 

Conveyor makes it easy to dictate directly into any EMR. Simply start dictating, and your words appear on the screen wherever you place the cursor. Conveyor makes dictation and clinical documentation faster so doctors can close charts quicker and get home on time.

How to use medical dictation software

Let’s go through the basics of how to use medical dictation software. The instructions in this article are for Mobius Conveyor, a universal dictation solution for Mac and PC.

Pairing your device

Mobius Conveyor is an app that lives on your smartphone or iPad and allows you to dictate on any computer. The benefit of Conveyor is that you will always have a dictation solution that knows your voice, vocabulary, and custom macros. 

Two ways to pair your mobile device with a computer are the Conveyor QR software (free download) or Conveyor USB (optional purchase). Both options are fast and easy, but we recommend the USB device. Simply plug in the Conveyor USB, and your mobile device will automatically pair with recognized computers. 

Beginning dictation

Once you pair your device, place the cursor anywhere and tap the microphone icon to begin dictating. Your words appear instantly on the screen. You can use Conveyor anywhere you type, including emails, documents, and any section of the EMR. 

Mobius Conveyor already recognizes medical terminology, so your dictations will be very accurate. Check the text for errors, make any edits, and you’re done. 

Optimizing dictation

Mobius Conveyor is a high-end, next-generation medical dictation software. That means it’s the fastest, most intuitive, most precise medical dictation product available. The Mobius team developed Conveyor with close consultation from clinicians, so it does exactly what you want it to without unnecessary options and functions. 

Despite Coneyor’s simplicity, there are some valuable tips and tricks to ensure perfect results when using medical dictation software.

For example, numbers are typically written as words (not digits) unless dictated together with dates, date ranges, times, measurements, dosages, and symbols. To prompt Conveyor to write a number in digits, just say “numeral” followed by the number.

Learning how to dictate symbols will also save you time. Say “plus sign” for +, “percent sign” for % or “equal(s) sign” for =. You get the picture. 

Optimize your medical dictation software by learning and practicing new voice commands.

During dictation

You can move your cursor or switch between apps while Conveyor listens in dictation mode. Just move your cursor to wherever you want to dictate.

If you need to edit a word or move to another section, simply place the cursor and make the edits. If you’re new to dictation, the easiest way to revise is by switching between dictation and typing. But if you are willing to learn a new workflow, you can also edit using voice commands as you dictate. 

Using voice commands

For even more efficient medical dictation, use voice commands to edit as you dictate.

You can say “scratch that” to delete the last thing you said or “undo that” to undo your previous operation. To select a word, phrase, or sentence, say “select” followed by the text. Similar voice commands include “select all,” “select this word,” or “select first word.”

Vice commands will also let you modify the following words spoken. You can say “cap” to capitalize the next word or “all caps” to capitalize all letters in the next word. Say “all caps on” to active caps lock or “no caps” to prevent the first letter of the next word from being capitalized.

Make sure to pause before and after saying a voice command to ensure that it is processed as a command and not as text.

Try Conveyor for free

Doctors are frustrated with time spent on clinical documentation and how it cuts into patient care. With physician burnout on the rise, why not use your smartphone and medical dictation software to save time and streamline clinical documentation?

Download Mobius Conveyor from the App Store to get started with a free trial. If you’re ready to purchase a subscription, download Conveyor and follow the instructions to sign up in the app.

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