Physicians are using speech-to-text medical dictation software to save time on clinical notes. If you’re a doctor who uses a Mac, you likely value a clean, simple, functional aesthetic. You need an accurate and intuitive mobile dictation software that sends dictations directly from your iPhone or Apple computer to the patient chart. So what is the best dictation solution for doctors who use Macs?

The dictation software you’re looking for is Mobius Conveyor. Conveyor is a universally compatible dictation solution that works on any computer and EMR with no setup required. Hundreds of doctors use Conveyor daily to eliminate typing and complete clinical notes on time.

But you probably have a few questions. Is direct EMR speech-to-text the best dictation workflow for me? If so, how does Mobius Conveyor work? What features make Conveyor unique among competitors? And why is Conveyor the best dictation solution for doctors who use Macs?

Choosing the best medical dictation workflow

Doctors who use Macs need an efficient medical dictation workflow to minimize time spent on clinical documentation. But dictation options abound. You could hire a scribe in-house, pay for a third-party transcription service, or automate dictation using speech-to-text software. Which dictation workflow is the best fit for your practice?

If you are trying medical dictation for the first time or returning after a hiatus, you should at least consider medical speech-to-text software. Speech recognition technology has improved dramatically in the last decade, making automated dictation the most straightforward, accurate, and lowest-cost medical dictation workflow.

But no one solution will be the best fit for everyone. With automated dictation, you won’t make a voice recording and hire a transcriptionist to type it out. Instead, the software automates this process. You speak your note into a microphone, and your words appear instantly in the EMR. You can ensure accuracy as you go and make any edits before saving the note.

Dictation software like Mobius Conveyor is perfect for physicians who want a premium dictation solution that travels with you and works on any computer. As with any new tool, you’ll need to devote time to refining your documentation workflow if you’re new to automated dictation. But in exchange, you will eliminate hours of documentation each week.

If you’re considering medical dictation for the first time, you should read about different dictation workflows. If you use a Mac and are looking for a mobile speech-to-text medical dictation solution, your best option is Mobius Conveyor.

How Mobius Conveyor works

Conveyor works on any computer – Mac or PC – and requires almost no setup.

Once you have the Conveyor app on your iPhone or iPad, simply plug a thumb-sized USB into the computer you’re using. With Conveyor in live dictation mode, the words you speak into your mobile device will appear wherever you place your cursor. Anywhere you would usually type, now you can dictate.

Providers love using Conveyor for clinical documentation, but you can also use it for everything else. Once you’ve kicked the typing habit, you can dictate messages to patients, Word documents, or even e-mails.

While the simplest way to use Conveyor is with the Conveyor USB, you can skip the USB and use the companion QR software. The benefit of the USB is that no software is required: just plug in the USB and start dictating. Learn more about when to use the Conveyor Software vs. Conveyor USB.

How does Conveyor compare to competitors?

Mobius Conveyor uses the same underlying voice recognition technology as the long-established dictation software Dragon Medical. That means both apps will provide a similar level of accuracy when recognizing and learning your voice and vocabulary. But Conveyor stands out for two reasons: it has a simpler user interface and works on Macs.

As you may have heard, Nuance discontinued its Dragon for Mac Medical software in 2018. So if you’re like cancer surgeon Dr. John Williams, who uses a Mac as his personal computer, you’ve got a problem. Using Dragon, you can’t take your carefully optimized medical dictation workflow when traveling or away from the clinic.

Fortunately, Mobius has solved that problem with Conveyor: the premium dictation solution for doctors who use Macs. Released in 2020, Conveyor is the culmination of Mobius’ decade-long commitment to helping physicians streamline clinical documentation. Today, thousands of physicians and medical residents use Conveyor as their full-time documentation companion. 

Here are the top features that make Conveyor the most convenient and mobile medical dictation solution on the market:

  • No software: Just plug in the USB and start speaking. Conveyor sends your words wherever you place your cursor.
  • Universal: Conveyor works on Mac, PC, and other operating systems.
  • Mobile: When you change computers, your custom vocabulary, text macros, and AI-trained voice recognition software travel with you.
  • Safe: Conveyor lives on your iPhone, so you won’t have to use handheld workstation microphones that no one cleans between users. And the housing of the Conveyor USB device contains a silver-based additive that inhibits microbial growth.
  • Secure: Conveyor USB devices are linked to a single user account and establish an encrypted connection to the provider’s mobile devices with just one button press.

Much more: Secure dictation memos, text macros, specialty-specific dictations. Learn about the additional features that make Conveyor physicians’ favorite dictation solution.

Features List Comparison

A comparison chart showing stand-out features of Mobius Conveyor, the best medical dictation solution for doctors who use Macs.

The best dictation solution for doctors who use Macs

Here’s what providers are saying about Mobius Conveyor.

“I’m so happy I can do medical dictations on my Mac. Now I can keep my whole life on my Mac. It has really streamlined things.”

Dr. John Williams, M.D., Cancer Surgeon

“My productivity has increased and I am finally able to have notes completed so I can get home to be with my family!”

Dr. Kent Niss, M.D., Family Medicine Specialist

“It’s platform agnostic nature permits me to use a single app to work across my EMR, email, web and nonclinical document creation.”

Dr. Joshua M Ammerman, M.D., Neurosurgeon

If you’re a doctor who dictates clinical notes and also uses a Mac, consider Mobius Conveyor. Start a free trial today to see if Conveyor is the solution you’ve been looking for. 

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