More physicians are using medical speech-to-text software to save time on clinical notes. Consider one of these three options if you’re looking for HIPAA-compliant medical dictation software.

The best medical speech-to-text solutions

Speech-to-text technology has improved dramatically in the last decade, prompting many doctors to reconsider dictation as the fastest way to take clinical notes

But with so many software options, how should you choose?

Three of the best products on the market in 2023 are Mobius Conveyor, Dragon Medical One, and NVoq.Voice. Each speech-to-text solution is:

  • Built for medical
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Based on cloud-based dictation
  • Functional directly within the EHR

Mobius Conveyor

In their own words:

“With Mobius Conveyor on your iPhone or iPad, you have the world’s most flexible dictation system at your disposal. Instantly dictate onto any computer and into any EMR with our month-to-month subscriptions.”

Why Mobius Conveyor stands out:

Conveyor is currently the only medical speech-to-text software that is Mac and Windows compatible. Therefore, doctors who use Macs will appreciate the option to continue dictating on any computer. Conveyor is one of the most intuitive dictation interfaces available and has a fantastic Secure Memos feature that makes it easy to dictate on the go.

Dragon Medical One

In their own words:

“Use your voice to securely capture the patient story more naturally and efficiently—anytime, anywhere. Dragon Medical One cloud‑based HITRUST CSF‑certified speech recognition solution provides a consistent and personalized clinical documentation experience across solutions, platforms, and devices.”

Why Dragon Medical One stands out: 

Dragon Medical One is a product by Nuance, a multinational company that makes speech recognition software for various industries. Because Nuance is such a large company, Dragon might be a good option for enterprise-level implementation at larger institutions. For example, Nuance provides Dragon Medical One Analytics, a self-service portal that provides data, trends, and tracking to ensure efficiency. 


In their own words: 

“If you’ve been underwhelmed by the cost, reliability, and complexity of other speech recognition solutions, consider nVoq.Voice. The speech to text technology that offers affordable pricing, unrivaled uptime, and unparalleled ease of implementation.”

Why NVoq.Voice stands out:

You can think of NVoq.Voice as a simpler version of Dragon Medical One. Like Mobius Conveyor, it will appeal to doctors who want an easy dictation solution without any frills. Simply enable dictation, place your cursor where you want to write and begin speaking. However, unlike Mobius, NVoq.Voice is only available for Windows computers.

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