Smartphones make it possible to use medical dictation in simple and portable ways that were unimaginable a decade ago. To dictate clinical notes, you no longer need to be confined to hospital workstations equipped with a dictaphone. Instead, go to the App Store and download Mobius Conveyor, the best medical dictation app for iPhone.

What is Mobius Conveyor?

Mobius Conveyor is the fastest and most intuitive medical dictation app for iPhone. It is 50% faster than manual charting and makes clinical documentation more convenient than any other product.

Conveyor works by instantly creating a secure connection between your iOS device and the Mac or PC where you want to dictate. Once you have the app on your iPhone, you can connect to your laptop or work computer without installing software.

To get started, open Conveyor on your iPhone or iPad and either scan a QR code on the computer you want to pair or plug in a thumb-sized USB device. Put Conveyor in live dictation mode, and the words you speak into your smartphone will appear wherever you place your computer cursor. Anywhere you would usually type, now you can dictate. 

Physicians love lots of things about Mobius Conveyor, but portability stands out. You can use Conveyor to dictate in:

  • Any EMR field
  • Messages to patients
  • Word documents
  • Emails
  • Anywhere else you can type

Conveyor gives you medical dictation how it should be: incredibly intuitive, accurate, secure, and compatible with any computer.

What is the best medical dictation app for iPhone?

There are now several medical dictation and transcription apps available for iPhone. For example, in addition to Conveyor, PowerMic Mobile and athenaOne are compatible with your iOS device. While these apps provide accurate voice recognition that understands medical terminology, they vary substantially in design and features. 

Here are the top features that make Mobius Conveyor the leading mobile medical dictation app on the market:

  • No software – Plug in the Conveyor USB and start speaking. Conveyor sends your words wherever you place your cursor. If you don’t have the Conveyor USB, you can pair devices by scanning a QR code.
  • Universal – Conveyor works on Mac, PC, and other operating systems.
  • Mobile – Conveyor lives on your iPhone, so when you change computers, your custom vocabulary, text macros, and AI-trained voice recognition software travel with you.
  • Secure – Conveyor USB devices are linked to a single user account and automatically establish an encrypted connection to the provider’s mobile devices.
  • Safe – Using Conveyor minimizes the use of handheld workstation microphones that are not cleaned between users. The Conveyor USB device’s housing contains a silver-based additive that inhibits microbial growth.
  • Much more – The app includes secure dictation memos, text macros, and specialty-specific dictations. Learn about the additional features that make Conveyor a world-class dictation solution.

Features List Comparison

A comparison chart showing stand-out features of Mobius Conveyor, the best medical dictation solution for doctors who use Macs.

Try Mobius Conveyor for free

We believe Mobius Conveyor is the best medical dictation app for iPhone, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what doctors are saying about their experience with Conveyor: 

“I work in a busy family practice and provide care in the emergency room and hospital. Mobius Conveyor allows me to dictate my notes into different EMRs easily. No hassle of making sure they are compatible or need to find a microphone. My productivity has increased, and I am finally apple to have notes completed so I can go home to be with my family!”

Dr. Kent Niss, MD
Family Medicine Specialist

“I tried Mobius and immediately had fewer errors than Dragon, which I used for 10+ years. The ability to use multiple computers, including a mix of PC and Mac computers, was so easy. Mobius MD is a game-changer in the world of medical dictation.”

Dr. Jay Larson, MD
Podiatry Specialist

“I’m so happy I can do medical dictations on my Mac. Now I can keep my whole life on my Mac. It has really streamlined things.”

Dr. John Williams, MD, FACS
Surgeon and Chairman of the President’s Cancer Panel

If you’re a doctor who dictates clinical notes and uses an iPhone or Mac, consider Mobius Conveyor. Start a free trial and see if Conveyor is the medical dictation solution you’ve been looking for.

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