Physicians realize how easy-to-use mobile dictation apps like Dragon Medical One and Mobius Conveyor can streamline clinical documentation. Doctors can use a smartphone and the latest speech-to-text medical dictation software to reduce charting time by hours each week.

Dragon has been a popular dictation software for years. Their speech recognition platform, built by Nuance, is a very advanced medical dictation technology. But Nuance’s speech recognition capabilities are also available via apps like Mobius Conveyor, which use an API to leverage its base technology. Conveyor is a premium dictation platform that works on Mac and has a smoother user interface than Dragon’s Medical One app.

The key to efficient mobile dictation is easy and intuitive integration with the electronic medical record. Mobius was designed by doctors for doctors so that dictations seamlessly synchronize with your existing EMR.

Reasons to upgrade from Dragon to Mobius Conveyor

If the following features would improve your workday, it’s time to upgrade from Dragon to Mobius.

1) Instantly dictate on any computer

Mobius Conveyor is an app that lives on your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to dictate instantly on any computer you use for work. Simply plug in the Conveyor USB, speak into your smartphone microphone, and your words appear wherever you place the computer cursor. 

This easy pairing functionality makes Conveyor the best solution for doctors who move around. With a traditional dictation solution like Dragon, you would need the app downloaded on every computer at each workstation you use. 

Mobius, by contrast, operates like an external keyboard or mouse. Your smartphone houses the software so you can instantly connect to any computer without app downloads or IT department authorization. 

2) Easy user interface

Doctors love Mobius Conveyor’s well-designed user interface. Conveyor has US-based live support if questions arise, but the app doesn’t require a user manual. It’s intuitive and straightforward and feels more like a consumer smartphone app than the powerful EMR companion that it is. 

As breast cancer surgeon John Williams, MD, put it, “When I started with Dragon, I had to do a two-hour video course. When I got up and running with Mobius, I just downloaded the app, synced my phone, and started talking. To be honest, that’s all you need.”

3) Dictate on your Mac

A primary reason many physicians switch from Dragon to Mobius is that Mobius works on their Mac. Dragon is only compatible with Windows, whereas Mobius Conveyor works on any computer

If you’re a doctor who dictates on a Windows computer at the hospital but uses a Mac at home or when traveling, you probably waste time typing when you’re away from the office. Mobius gives you the same excellent dictation product everywhere you go. 

4) Dictate on the go with Secure Memos

Do you ever wish you could catch up on charting during small breaks throughout the day? With traditional dictation apps like Dragon, your dictations must wait until you’re back at your desk.

But with Mobius Conveyor, you can dictate anywhere, even away from a computer. Conveyor’s unique Secure Memos feature allows you to record your dictation as a text memo for later transfer into a patient’s chart. In the meantime, HIPAA-compliant Conveyor app securely stores your recording.

Features Comparison

If you’re considering an upgrade from Dragon to Mobius, download Conveyor from the App Store to try it out. Here is a features list to summarize how Mobius compares with similar products.

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