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Medical transcriptionist typing

Medical transcription: a brief history

Medical transcription has a long history and is still evolving with new technology like generative AI. Understanding this history can help current healthcare providers reflect on their purpose and process for documenting care in the 21st century.  History of medical … Read More

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Manage your EHR inbox more effectively with these tips

Physicians are overwhelmed by administrative tasks that take the joy out of practicing medicine. We hear tips for streamlining clinical documentation, but what about the EHR inbox? One recent study of EHR use found that primary care doctors in a … Read More

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Use your smartphone for instant medical dictation

We created Mobius MD to improve your medical office workflow. One of our most popular innovations is Conveyor, the app that turns your mobile device into a microphone for instant medical dictation on any computer. Meet Mobius Conveyor Mobius Conveyor … Read More

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Doctors using AI medical scribes for clinical documentation are freed to focus entirely on patients

Do AI medical scribes work?

Clinical documentation has become a significant source of professional dissatisfaction for doctors, who spend hours in the EHR daily. In addition, entering data during visits makes it harder for physicians to communicate empathetically with patients. Could AI medical scribes alleviate … Read More

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Which medical dictation workflow is best for you? Doctor dictating with smartphone

Which medical dictation workflow is best for you?

Medical dictation has changed substantially due to improvements in voice recognition software and generative AI. When many of today’s physicians began their careers, dictating clinical notes required a transcriptionist to sit in on every visit. Today, a wide range of … Read More

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What is AI-powered medical dictation?

Artificial intelligence is rapidly changing our digital lives, including in healthcare. For doctors, one of the most exciting developments is AI-enabled medical dictation. AI medical dictation uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to transcribe providers’ spoken medical notes into text format. … Read More

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Logos of the top medical practice software tools in 2024

Beyond the EMR: Top medical practice software tools in 2024

You’ve found the best EMR for your specialty and streamlined your documentation workflow. However, managing a successful medical practice in 2024 will require lots of work beyond the EMR. You must maintain an online presence, manage scheduling, and securely communicate … Read More

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Doctor talking to a patient while ambient clinical intelligence documents the visit

Will ambient clinical intelligence solve healthcare’s documentation problem? 

Nobody went to medical school so they could spend hours a day entering data into an EHR. However, surveys show that many doctors spend over 15 hours weekly on paperwork and administration. Could ambient clinical intelligence be the solution? If … Read More

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The best email newsletters for primary care physicians

How do you keep up with changes in healthcare when you’re a busy clinician? Email newsletters for primary care physicians are a great way to stay current with the latest news, research, and medical best practices. Email newsletters for primary … Read More

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What is Documentitis?

Documentitis is an inflammation affecting healthcare providers who spend too much time on the computer to meet burdensome documentation requirements.  If you’re a doctor or healthcare professional who spends over half of your work day on the computer, or if … Read More

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