Population Health

What is Documentitis?

Documentitis is an inflammation affecting healthcare providers who spend too much time on the computer to meet burdensome documentation requirements.  If you’re a doctor or healthcare professional who spends over half of your work day on the computer, or if … Read More

Strategies for practicing at the top of your license

“Practicing at the top of your license” is a catchphrase that refers to healthcare workers operating at their highest level of education, training, and competencies. The most common example is medical practices supplementing physicians with nurse practitioners and physician assistants … Read More

How to increase patient volume by 48% while working less

What if you could increase patient volume while reducing your clinical team’s stress, improving professional fulfillment, and enhancing the patient experience? A researched intervention at a family practice clinic in Michigan found that this may be simpler than you think. … Read More

What is the Quadruple Aim of healthcare?

The Triple Aim of healthcare refers to three goals: enhancing the patient experience, improving population health, and reducing costs. However, in the past decade, physicians and healthcare leaders have realized that we can only accomplish the Triple Aim if the … Read More

Benefits of house calls for patients and providers

House calls were nearly obsolete by the end of the 20th century. But in recent years, they are making a comeback. Physicians revisiting this model report a few key benefits of house calls for patients and providers. 5 Benefits of … Read More

How to combat physician burnout during COVID-19

Physicians and other health care professionals are playing a critical role in the response to COVID-19, and we need them to stay healthy as long as possible. As doctors do everything they can, we also need to combat physician burnout … Read More

Is your smartphone a coronavirus risk? Tips for healthcare workers

As hygiene concerns skyrocket in light of the novel coronavirus, many people are asking an important question: Are smartphones a coronavirus risk? This question is especially relevant for healthcare workers who use their smartphone or tablet at work. Let’s look … Read More

What is home-based primary care?

Home-based primary care (HBPC) is a healthcare model in which the practitioner travels to the patient. Commonly called “house calls,” HBPC targets the most complex and costliest patients in society. House calls were nearly extinct by the end of the … Read More

Are physician house calls making a comeback?

When most people think of physician house calls they imagine a quaint scene. A kindly, experienced doctor carrying a black bag knocks on the doors of the infirm. Just two decades ago, most observers would have said that this model … Read More

How to take a blood pressure reading the right way

The number of American adults with high blood pressure nearly doubled last week when the American College of Cardiology (ACA) and American Heart Association (AHA) released new guidelines and definitions for hypertension. Among the new guidelines is a checklist for … Read More