We are excited to announce that Mobius Clinic is now available through the Athenahealth Marketplace. Note to the thousands of providers who use Athenahealth’s suite of cloud based services: your cell phone is now a clinical tool.

Mobius Clinic streamlines your workflow from patient intake to discharge using mobile technology. With automatic vitals collection, location awareness, and smart task management capabilities, our app makes your day easier. Our users report reduced wait times, faster, more accurate vital sign collection, and increased Meaningful Use metrics.

Mobius Clinic connects almost any Bluetooth monitoring device straight to your EMR, including thermometers, pulse oximeters, scales, glucometers, and more. Thanks to our indoor-GPS technology, patient charts automatically loads when you enter the exam room, and your staff always know where to find you. One-tap lab or imaging requests automatically notify staff and track completion times, making clinical workflow seamless.

The Athenahealth Marketplace is basically the app store for MDP – Athenahealth’s More Disruption Please program. MDP was a 2011 response to calls for more disruptive innovation in health care technology. It involves three programs: an accelerator to incubate promising health care entrepreneurs; marketplace partnerships for health care IT companies ready to scale; and a disruption network to grow connections. This partnership falls into the second group, adding Mobius Clinic to a list of innovative products and services available directly through Athenahealth’s platform.

Apps that are integrated into the Marketplace allow users of Athenahealth’s cloud-based services to optimize performance without the hassle of working multiple systems. Mobius already works with most major EMR systems, but our new partnership with Athenahealth is a vote of confidence that recognizes Mobius Clinic as one of the most successful and innovative apps for clinical intake management.

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