Population Health

How can hospitals better address population health?

The healthcare industry is making strides in population health, which leverages holistic care models to improve outcomes while reducing costs. But many organizations struggle to scale existing efforts – an essential step as they role out value-based payment contracts. The … Read More

Mobile app addresses high rates of HIV among youth

Young people under the age of 25 suffer from HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases at higher than normal rates, in part due to inadequate sex education, persistent stigma and other barriers to getting tested. Fortunately, there’s an app for … Read More

Computer vision syndrome affects more than 60 million Americans

Imagine this: you’ve been catching up with your mHealth news, answering some emails, and working on that report due next week. But after a couple hours, it gets harder to focus on your work. You’re vision is a little blurry … Read More

A Cookie Now or Cheap Health Insurance Later?

A recent study shows that premium-based financial incentives may not improve employee health (photo: avartawellness.com) Today, about 80 percent of large employers in the United States offer some sort of financial incentive for employees to improve their health. These workplace … Read More