Mobius Health is excited to announce a new addition to our apps for modern medicine: Mobius Capture.

By leveraging the ubiquity and utility of modern mobile devices, and integrating closely with electronic medical records, Mobius Health apps already help medical teams across the country streamline meaningful clinical interactions. Mobius Capture is another step in the right direction – a new software that allows for easy, intuitive PACS image capture into an EMR.

If you’re not a healthcare provider you’re probably wondering what we’re talking about. PACS are “picture archiving and communication systems,” a widely used healthcare technology that stores, retrieves, manages, distributes and displays digital medical images. With a distinct cost and space advantage, PACS have replaced hard copy (film) medical images in most hospitals and clinics, improving workflow and opening up possibilities for remote image access.

Mobius Capture communicates seamlessly with all PACS, allowing medical providers to save any image to a patient’s chart with a single click. The software is perfect for saving specific images from X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, visual lab results, and more. The result is improved approval rates for procedural and surgical authorizations and less time spent in “peer-to-peer” discussions.

To use Mobius Capture, just click the icon on your desktop, highlight the image you want saved, and we do the rest. Our proprietary software uses name recognition to automatically detect which patient’s information you are viewing, allowing you to capture and store important images with just one click. The software also lets you add quick notes to be stored along with the images you select, and there is no limit on the number of images or patient records you use.

Mobius Capture is currently available to anyone with a Mobius Clinic account, but watch out for an additional upcoming version that operates independently. The software is under 20MB for Mac and under 30MB for PC, streamlining medical image capture while taking up almost no space on your desktop. Get started by downloading Mobius Capture today.

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