As smartphones become nearly essential for daily life, more doctors are realizing that their mobile device is also a valuable clinical tool. This has never been more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic when flexibility and efficiency are at a premium. Let’s look at the benefits of a mobile EMR, which apply as much during normal times as they do during the current crisis.

Benefits of a mobile EMR

Mobile EMRs offer five key benefits that can help your practice run smoothly during a pandemic.

1. Accessibility

A mobile EMR interface gives clinicians and staff direct access to important patient records regardless of their location or availability of the internet. When unforeseen circumstances – like the COVID-19 pandemic – disrupt normal working conditions, mobile EMRs facilitate informed decision-making 24/7.

2. Easy Communication

The purpose of EMRs has always been to increase care coordination and interoperability between providers and facilities. During a crisis, easy communication requires easy access to patient records. Many mobile EMR platforms also make communication with secure calling, texting, and data sharing built-in.

3. Efficiency

A properly implemented mobile EMR can save clinicians hours each week through documentation and workflow improvements. Mobile EMRs make it easy to:

  • Quickly access patient records without sitting down at a work station.
  • Streamline clinical documentation with features like instant diction and mobile charge capture.
  • Document during or just after patient appointments while details are fresh.
  • Coordinate the care team by creating orders or assigning follow up tasks from your smartphone or tablet.

The COVID-19 pandemic makes these benefits of a mobile EMR more important than ever. When staff are sick or furloughed, it’s vital that your team be empowered to continue working efficiently.

4. Secure Delivery

Mobile devices don’t inherently improve or weaken health data security, but they do make it easier to access critical patient information. This access makes it easier to store and retrieve records without human error. If your clinical team follows basic mobile security practices, a mobile EMR can also improve care coordination and delivery by enabling greater access to information.

5. Documentation

With a mobile EMR, you no longer have to complete all documentation at your computer in the office. An easy-to-use platform allows clinicians to update the patient record whenever and wherever is convenient.

This saves time by creating flexibility, but also by making timely documentation the easy and intuitive choice. Whether you choose to finish your notes on the commute home or during patient visits, a mobile EMR can save you hours of documentation time each week.

Mobile EMR: the obvious choice

With the increasingly “on the go” nature of technology and communication, having secure, mobile access to your EMR is the obvious choice. This has never been more apparent than during the COVID-19 pandemic when flexibility and quick access to patient records can make all the difference.

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