Do you ever wish you could use your medical dictation software on any computer and with any EHR? Mobius Conveyor is an iPhone app that makes universal dictation possible. You can even use Secure Memos to dictate clinical notes away from a computer.

Let’s look at how to use Secure Dictation Memos for truly mobile medical dictation. 

Doctors need technology that moves with them

Doctors are on the move more than ever. Physicians and residents often change workstations throughout the day, and some work at multiple locations, like a hospital on some days and a medical clinic on others.

Healthcare professionals are also changing employers more frequently. Most physicians will change jobs within their first five years out of training, and nearly half changed jobs during the pandemic. 

Moving around means you’re likely to encounter a patchwork of technology. Hospitals may use different EHRs, and some computers won’t have your preferred dictation software installed. 

Mobius MD’s Conveyor app is a speech-to-text medical dictation software popular with doctors who use Macs. With Conveyor on your iPhone, you can easily dictate onto any EMR system on any computer you use.

Secure Memos make medical dictation mobile

Memos are a dictation feature unique to Mobius Conveyor. While Conveyor quickly pairs with any computer and allows you to dictate anywhere you would type, memos enable you to dictate away from the computer.

Secure Dictation Memos in Conveyor are similar to the Apple Voice Memos app on your iPhone, which allows you to record audio notes easily. But there are two critical differences between Dictation Memos and regular Voice Memos: 

  1. Dictation Memos are securely stored in a HIPPA-compliant app that keeps PHI private.
  2. Conveyor automatically transcribes your Memos so you can send your dictation as text to the patient record when ready.

Doctors use Conveyor’s Secure Memos to quickly capture the essential details about a patient visit wherever they are. You could dictate notes during a patient visit, even if you didn’t have time to open the EHR on the exam room desktop computer or pair your iPhone. You could dictate while walking from one exam room to another. You could even complete outstanding notes by dictating Memos during your commute home from work.

How to use Secure Dictation Memos

Using Secure Memos in the Mobius Conveyor app couldn’t be easier:

  • Open the Memos view.
  • Dictate or type your note, then tap “Done.”
  • The app instantly transcribes your speech into text, so you can confirm accuracy or edit the dictation on your mobile device.
  • When you’re back at the computer, tap “Convey” to send your dictation into any EMR field or wherever you place your computer cursor.

If medical dictation is your preferred workflow for completing clinical notes, you need the ability to dictate anywhere. With Secure Memos, the technology you need is already in your pocket.

Try Secure Memos to streamline medical documentation. If you don’t already use Mobius Conveyor, download the app to your iPhone or iPad and start a 7-day free trial. Experience how effortless clinical note-taking can be with the fastest and most intuitive medical dictation product on the market.

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