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The top 3 impacts of 5G in healthcare

The buzz about 5G has died down since initial deployments in 2019, but 5G connectivity is still growing fast. In 2022, nearly three-quarters of U.S. smartphone sales were 5G-enabled devices, and over 200 million Americans now have access to 5G … Read More

How to optimize iOS for healthcare providers

Apple is very good about updating its iOS operating system, which powers iPhones and iPads. But busy healthcare providers often don’t have time to learn the details of the latest updates. This article will show you how to optimize iOS … Read More

3 benefits of digital technology in healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic ushered in the adoption of digital technology in healthcare, especially telehealth. But much of that technology was being gradually implemented and continues to be relevant even when in-person care is possible. From AI chatbots to apps that … Read More

A remedy for smartphone distraction in healthcare

When smartphones first became ubiquitous, observers raised concerns: “How can we avoid the risks of smartphone distraction in healthcare?” There were serious discussions about distracted doctoring, and many hospitals adopted mobile device policies. Texting from the operating room even led … Read More

Why doctors should stop typing

Why doctors should stop typing

Providers are spending more time than ever documenting patient visits in the EHR. One solution is to stop typing and use medical dictation to streamline clinical documentation.  US doctors spend over 15 hours per week on paperwork and administration. That … Read More

Mobius Clinic’s Document Library helps physicians save time completing forms

Healthcare providers are spending more time than ever on documentation and paperwork, leading many down a path of frustration and burnout. If you’re a physician looking for an easy and efficient way to save time completing forms, you have to … Read MoreRead More

Why vital signs matter at every appointment

Vital signs are a critical component of patient care, and they matter at every appointment. Taking vitals regularly can help assess a person’s general physical health, give clues about possible diseases, and show progress toward recovery. Taking vitals is routine … Read More

Three mHealth solutions for sleep apnea

Everyone needs it and most of us can’t get enough, yet mobile health innovation has mostly put sleep on the back burner – until recently. While experts see sleep as the final frontier in digital health, mHealth innovations are already … Read MoreRead More