When it comes to clinical documentation, less is often more. As a great physician, you want to balance being thorough with being able to stop working when you get home from the office. EHR macros can help reduce the amount of data entry required for tasks you perform routinely. This article covers the basics of EHR Macros and how to use them with the mobile dictation app Mobius Conveyor.

What are EHR Macros?

EHR Macros allow you to create text shortcuts that get replaced with longer, more detailed pieces of text. Macros are an efficient way to document visits without retyping common or generic clinical notes.

Here is a simple example of how you might use a Macro as a family physician:

You have a list of health and lifestyle recommendations you often include in a follow-up note for patients. Instead of retyping or dictating these each time, you create the Macro “5210.” Each time you type 5210, your EHR inserts the following text:

“Each day I recommend you eat 5 servings of colored foods (fruits and vegetable), spend no more than 2 hours a day in front of a computer or TV screen (not including work), exercise for 1 hour a day, and avoid sugary drinks like sweetened sodas, teas, or juices.”

You can imagine how much time physicians save when they have integrated EHR Macros as a routine part of clinical documentation.

Using EHR Macros with mobile dictation

OK, so you are convinced it’s worth your time to set up EHR Macros. But what if you prefer to dictate rather than type clinical notes? Is it possible to use EHR Macros with medical dictation?

The answer is “yes.” Mobius Conveyor makes it easy to integrate EHR Macros with mobile dictation.

Conveyor is a new universally-compatible dictation system for doctors on the go. From clinic to clinic, hospital to hospital, whether in the car or at home, Conveyor travels with you on your smartphone. No matter which computer you find yourself in front of, now you can dictate with your personal vocabulary, custom Macros, and AI-trained voice recognition.

Let’s look at how to create, edit, and insert EHR Macros using Mobius Conveyor.

Conveyor is a new universally-compatible dictation system for doctors on the go.

How to create Macros

EHR Macros are called “Text Macros” in Conveyor. With Conveyor, you can create new Macros in seconds using the following steps:

  1. Open Mobius Conveyor and locate Text Macros by swiping left on the “Live” screen until you see the box for “Text Macros.”
  2. Tap “Add New” if this is your first Macro or “Add” if you have existing Text Macros.
  3. Type a “Macro Name.” This is the shortcut you will use to insert a larger block of text.
  4. Dictate or type the text you want to insert each time you use the Macro.
  5. Finally, add tags to make this Macro easily searchable. You can also change the color of tags using the rainbow slider.
  6. You can now dictate this Macro by saying “Insert” followed by the Macro title.

Here’s an example:

Imagine you’re conducting lots of telehealth appointments and you want to document your rationale for telephone visits in the EHR.

To save time you could create a Macro called “telehealth,” which inserts the following text: “Visit conducted via telephone due to COVID-19 risk.”

To use the telehealth Macro while dictating, you would say “insert telehealth.”

How to edit Text Macros

You can easily edit existing Text Macros by pressing and holding the desired Macro from the main screen until it expands and the “Edit” option appears.

You can also edit Macros from Settings —> Speech Tools —> Text Macros. You will see a searchable list of all your Macros. Simply tap and edit.

How to use Macros while dictating

There are two ways to insert Text Macros in Conveyor: dictating and tapping.

To insert a Macro while dictating, use the voice command “Insert” followed by the Macro title. Using the example above, you would say “Insert telehealth” and the full text would appear

You can also insert Macros by tapping on the Macro from the main screen. Locate the desired Macro and tap the white box. The full text will appear wherever you’ve placed your cursor.

How to get started with Conveyor

If you are looking for an easy way to integrate EHR Macros with medical dictation, try Mobius Conveyor for free.

Conveyor is compliant with all HIPAA regulations and requires no technical involvement from IT departments because it operates entirely outside your EHR software. Like a simple keyboard or mouse, Conveyor is a peripheral device that inputs data without involving other system software.

See how easy and effortless the next generation of documentation can be.

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