We created Mobius MD to improve your medical office workflow. One of our most popular innovations is Conveyor, the app that turns your mobile device into a microphone for instant medical dictation on any computer.

Meet Mobius Conveyor

Mobius Conveyor is a universally compatible dictation system made for medicine. Just use the app on your iPhone or iPad and instantly dictate anywhere. For example, with Conveyor, you can dictate into a Microsoft Word document, an email, or an EMR. 

The genius of Conveyor is that it lives on your iPhone. You now have instant medical dictation anywhere from clinic to clinic, hospital to hospital, whether in the car or at home. Your vocabulary, custom macros, and AI-powered voice recognition travel with you. With Conveyor, your familiar, refined medical dictation workflow is always close at hand.

Mobius Conveyor is beyond HIPAA-compliant and compatible with Mac and Windows computers

Download and enable Mobius Conveyor

Follow these instructions to set up Mobius Conveyor in five minutes.

  • Download Conveyor in the App Store (available for iPhone or iPad)
  • Follow the instructions to create an account (new users can dictate with Conveyor free for seven days)
  • Pair with your computer by downloading and installing the Mobius Conveyor QR software on your computer, or use the Mobius Conveyor USB (separate purchase)

Instant medical dictation on any computer in 3 simple steps

Dictating with Conveyor is easy and intuitive. After installing Conveyor, you can dictate anywhere you can type. Just follow these three simple steps to begin.

  1. Pair your mobile device with the computer – Tap “Connect Now” to pair with your computer by scanning a QR code (or get a Conveyor USB to skip this step).
  2. Place the cursor – Place your computer’s cursor where you want to dictate.
  3. Tap the microphone to begin – Tap the microphone icon on your mobile device and start dictating. Your words appear on the desktop computer.

What providers are saying

Hundreds of practicing physicians use Conveyor every day to save time and money. Here’s why most App Store Reviewers give Mobius Conveyor five stars.

“Fantastic product, even better customer service”

Works fast on any device”

Here's what providers are saying about Mobius Conveyor, the app that provides instant medical dictation on any computer.

“Easy from square one”

Here's what providers are saying about Mobius Conveyor, the app that provides instant medical dictation on any computer.

Try instant medical dictation for free by downloading Mobius Conveyor from the App Store.

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