Suppose your hospital or clinic is considering adopting a new clinical documentation solution. You might not think to ask an important question: Should the new software be integrated into the EMR or EMR-independent?

The electronic medical record (EMR) system is at the heart of clinical operations. However, tying all your healthcare operations to a single EMR can be restrictive and cumbersome, especially during inevitable EMR downtime.

Cutting-edge clinical documentation solutions – like speech-to-text medical dictation and AI medical scribes – can save providers hours weekly. However, your organization should think carefully about the type of documentation tool you adopt.

Benefits of EMR-independent documentation software

Here, we explore the benefits of adopting an EMR-independent dictation and documentation solution like Conveyor AI. As you’ll see, skipping the EMR tie-in can provide greater flexibility, security, and control.

Give your IT team a break

EMR-independent solutions let providers begin using the software immediately without extensive integration efforts by your IT team. Integrating new software with existing EMRs can be time-consuming and complex, often requiring substantial technical expertise and resources and sometimes disrupting existing clinical workflows

By choosing an EMR-independent documentation tool, you can bypass these challenges and implement new tools and technologies quickly and efficiently. This means faster adoption and immediate benefits without the hassle of prolonged setup times.

Ultimate flexibility

Healthcare environments are dynamic, and your needs may change over time. Whether you’re considering switching EMRs, using multiple EMR systems across different departments, or integrating new technologies, an EMR-independent solution provides unparalleled flexibility.

EMR-independent documentation tools don’t lock you into a single system. Instead, providers can continue using their established documentation solutions as the organization’s IT infrastructure evolves. An independent dictation and documentation system like Conveyor AI ensures that your healthcare operations remain agile and responsive to new challenges and opportunities.

Data safety

EMR-independent documentation can also enhance your data safety measures. Tools like Conveyor AI talk to your computer almost like an external keyboard: the app can send your medical dictations and AI-generated visit summaries anywhere you place the cursor, but it doesn’t share data with your EMR software. 

Keeping your EMR interface isolated from third-party solutions reduces the risk of exposing sensitive patient information to potential breaches. This separation ensures that your EMR remains a secure patient data repository while enabling your team to use cutting-edge technologies that enhance patient care and operational efficiency. 

More control, less downtime

EMR systems occasionally go down, whether due to a planned outage, software failure, or cyber-attack. Third-party software that relies on the EMR’s API to function will also be affected by outages outside your control. 

An EMR-independent solution provides greater control over your systems, reducing the risk of downtime caused by external factors. This control translates into a more stable and reliable IT environment where changes in one system don’t impact the availability of another. With EMR-independent tools, providers retain complete control over their medical documentation, free from delays caused by the EMR vendor.

Conveyor AI has seen rapid adoption among organizations affected by EMR outages and data breaches as it continues to operate separately without an API-based connection to any EMR. Busy healthcare providers rely on uninterrupted clinical workflows to see their patients efficiently, and Mobius MD built Conveyor AI alongside clinicians with this need in mind.


Many healthcare organizations assume that EMR-integrated dictation and documentation tools are the best option. However, by decoupling your dictation and AI documentation software from an EMR, you can create a more agile, secure, and efficient IT environment that better meets your organization’s evolving needs.

Embrace the future of healthcare technology with Conveyor AI’s EMR-independent approach and unlock the full potential of your healthcare operations. 

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