Automated clinical documentation solutions like Conveyor AI and DAX Copilot are gaining momentum. These software programs are possible because of recent advances in generative AI, which allow computers to draft clinical notes accurately by listening to the doctor-patient interaction.

Untethered from the EHR, AI scribes save doctors time while allowing them to focus on patient care rather than paperwork. These ambient documentation solutions can also enhance the overall efficiency of medical practices and reduce provider burnout.

After spending over a decade refining dictation software and other clinical documentation solutions for doctors, Mobius MD unveiled its new medical scribe, Conveyor AI, in January 2024. Conveyor AI can write 80% of a physician’s note in 60 seconds. Early users say it’s “jaw-droppingly awesome” and consistently report high-quality notes requiring minimal edits. 

But how does Mobius MD’s AI scribe compare to similar solutions from other companies? Let’s compare Conveyor AI with another leading solution, Nuance’s DAX Copilot, to help you choose the best AI medical scribe for your practice. 

DAX Copilot: A Robust Solution for Large Healthcare Systems

Nuance’s DAX Copilot is a comprehensive AI scribe designed for large healthcare organizations. 

Key benefits include:

  • Deep EHR Integration: Used with Dragon Medical One, DAX Copilot integrates with over 200 EHRs.
  • Advanced Analytics: Nuance’s software boasts tools for evaluating financial impact and efficiency gains.
  • Wide Use Case Support: DAX Copilot is suitable for various settings, including telehealth, and has robust scalability.
  • Specialized Tools: The software includes customizable templates and advanced speech recognition tailored to diverse medical specialties.

Physicians will likely use DAX Copilot if their hospital or institution has decided to integrate Nuance’s solution across their department or organization. New users will need to contact Nuance and set up a meeting with their IT team to discuss the technical requirements for integrating DAX with their existing EHR. 

Mobius Conveyor AI: A Flexible Solution that Works Anywhere

Mobius’ Conveyor AI stands out for its simplicity. Rather than integrating with your EMR through an API, Conveyor AI talks to your computer almost like an external keyboard. The app can send your AI-generated visit summaries or medical dictations anywhere you place the cursor. This model provides better portability, simplicity, and security.

Here are some key features that make Conveyor AI a great solution:

  • EMR Independence: Conveyor AI can send a visit summary to any EMR because it operates from a provider’s smartphone. Conveyor AI enables quicker setup and no IT challenges by avoiding the complexities of deep EHR integrations.
  • User-Friendly: Mobius leads the industry with its mobile-friendly, simple user interface. The design is so intuitive that no training is needed. Just open the app and get started. 
  • Secure: Conveyor AI isolates EMRs from third-party solutions, reducing the risk of exposing sensitive patient information to potential breaches.
  • Provider Control: An EMR-independent solution like Conveyor AI reduces the risk of downtime caused by external factors. Providers get a more stable and reliable documentation solution that works when the EMR software or another system is offline.

Providers also love that Conveyor AI has customizable templates, is Mac and Windows compatible, and includes access to Mobius MD’s world-class medical dictation software in the same app. 

Choosing the Right AI Scribe

When selecting an AI scribe, consider your practice size, IT requirements, and specific goals. Both Conveyor AI and DAX Copilot are powerful documentation tools that can automate most of your clinical documentation. 

Conveyor AI’s portability and user-friendly design make it a standout choice for individual providers and healthcare systems that value efficiency and flexibility. Learn more about the benefits of EMR-independent documentation tools, or request a demo to experience the power of Conveyor AI firsthand. 

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