medical dictation with mobius clinic

Speech-to-text dictation is one of the easiest ways to save time on clinical notes. Mobius Clinic is an app in the athenahealth Marketplace that makes it easy to dictate in athenaClinicals. Let’s look at how cloud-based dictation with Mobius can streamline your athenahealth EHR workflow.

What is Mobius Clinic?

Mobius Clinic is an app that powers your iPhone or Mac computer with the world’s most reliable speech-to-text medical dictation software. Providers can access their athenaClinicals EHR through the Mobius app and use the built-in Scribe for instant cloud-based medical dictation. 

To use Mobius Scribe, open any section of a patient chart and start speaking. Your words appear on the screen as you talk, and the app saves your dictation in the patient chart.

Here’s what one physician wrote in a recent review:

“We are new to Athena, and Mobius has been a significant asset to our practice. The dictation feature is nearly flawless – greatly superior to our experience with Dragon, and it worked well immediately with no apparent learning period.”

Mobius Clinic makes it faster to dictate in athenaClinicals and cuts steps out of your documentation workflow. Physicians love these four features of Mobius Clinic:

  1. Ability to pull past documentation – Mobius was the first app to make previous encounter documentation available from your mobile device. With a single tap, you can go from dictating to quickly populating the patient chart with past text or templates.
  2. Built-in photo capture – Many providers using mobile dictation also enhance clinical documentation with images. Both dictation and photo capture can eliminate hours spent with the EMR. Mobius sends your image directly to your EHR, whether from a PACS or a smartphone camera.
  3. Athenahealth integration – Mobius provides unparalleled access to athenahealth EMR features. Now you can access template integration and text macros with HTML and dropdown, all from your iPhone or tablet.
  4. Workflow optimization – Besides medical dictation, your team can use Mobius to automate vitals collection, instantly scan documents, manage patient intake, review patient profiles, and much more.

The easiest way to dictate in athenaClinicals

Mobius gets the highest ranking of any speech-to-text app in the athenahealth Marketplace. One reason it’s so popular is that it uses the same voice recognition technology as competitor Dragon Medical but with a smoother interface and more features.

Here’s why doctors who use athenaClinicals choose Mobius for medical dictation: 

  • Instant and accurate – Your words appear instantly on your screen and in patients’ charts.
  • Medical grade – Scribe recognizes medical terminology out of the box.
  • Made for mobile – Mobius is designed for your smartphone and tablet. It’s the most intuitive way to access your athenaClinicals EHR on the go.
  • EMR-integrated – Scribe talks to your EHR to get every detail documented.
  • Desktop compatible – Prefer completing notes on your computer? No problem. Use your smartphone as a microphone for instant dictation on your desktop EHR.
  • Unlimited – Your subscription always includes unlimited dictation, so you can document as thoroughly as you want.
To view all dictation apps, go to athenahealth Marketplace and click “Speech-to-text” under “Clinical Workflow Acceleration.”

It’s worth noting that providers can also use athenaHealth’s official mobile app, athenaOne. While athenaOne gives providers mobile access to many of the functions of athenaNet, the app doesn’t have built-in speech-to-text medical dictation. This is the main reason providers choose Mobius Clinic over athenaOne

Take your dictations anywhere

Do you switch EHRs or work computers throughout the week? Do you ever wish you could dictate on your Mac laptop and the PC desktops at work?

Mobius MD’s new app Conveyor is the next-generation dictation solution physicians are talking about. Conveyor makes your smartphone a microphone for instant medical dictation on any computer. Whether you use athenaClinicals or another EHR, Conveyor is the ultimate dictation app for doctors who value efficiency and flexibility. 

Learn more about Conveyor or try it yourself by downloading Mobius Conveyor on the App Store.

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